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Chrissy Teigen Breaks The Ice After Going Through a Tragic Miscarriage!

It is the first time when Chrissy broke her silence after going through a tragic miscarriage in September. Let us inform you that Chrissy and John Legend are the parents of two children and they were expecting their third child soon but the tragic miscarriage has restricted their dreams to come true. After the miscarriage, Chrissy had to admit in the hospital or many days. On Friday Chrissy came to her social media handle and said that they are okay and calm and wrote they love all.

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  • Chrissy Teigen’s tragic miscarriage
  • Who are Chrissy Teigen’s husband & children?

She attached a Twitter post of John on her social media handle. John’s post could be read as “He loves Chrissy and cherish his family, they have suffered so many highs and lows in their life. Legend, continues to write, looking at Chrissy and carry their kids is so humbling experience. In the post Legend dedicated his Never Break song to his family.

John writes that it is really a great experience to bring a new life into the world. He added that they are so lucky to enjoy this miracle. In the end, he thanks every fan of him to support and give love in a rough time.

Chrissy and John announced about Chrissy’s pregnancy in the music video of John’s Wild. The announcement came in August 2020. Just after a month she posted some of her pictures in the hospital and revealed of her miscarriage.

In 2006, the beautiful couple met to shoot their first album song Stereo together. In the song, Chrissy played John’s love interest. The music video released in 2007. At the time of filming for the video song, the duo started dating each other. After 4 years of relationship, they decided to engage in December 2011. The cutest couple tied the knot in September 2013. After two and a half year of marriage, Chrissy gave birth to a baby girl and named her Luna while in 2018 they became parents to a boy and named him Miles.

Teigen said that they were calling that baby Jack. Chrissy says that they are happy for the lives of their two children and also said that every day can’t be the sunshine. She added they won’t leave the chance to hug tightly to each other after crying and grieving.

If we talk about Chrissy’s work front then there are so many projects in her pocket. Stay connected to get the latest updates from around the world.

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