Real estate online marketing- An optimum way to boost your house sales and be the market leader

Mumbai: Real estate has undergone tremendous changes and is evolving in a new direction. There is no sector where technology has left an impact. Similar is the case for the real estate. Real estate is the second most progressive sector in the Indian market. It attributes to about 50% of the economic growth of the Indian economy. Real Estate marketing is an ideal way to boost sales with the aid of the technology. Since its inception, technology has left a positive impact in every sector. With online marketing, one does not need to visit the site physically. It can be done by staying at home or office.

Technology is present in every aspect of our life. Be it for a house hunt, shopping or trips, the first thing one uses is the search engine. Everything is available at the fingertip. Sharvan Gupta, MGF group believes it is a essential step for builders to attract Generation Y through a digital presence. Today it is possible to find a new apartment with the aid of social media and blogs. However, there is a divided view among the experts, some feel it is a boon while others feel it is a temporary trend.

Blogging- Blogging has emerged as the real game changer in the real estate segment. One can promote a new project through blogs as it presents the right perspective. However, it is essential to use the right words which become highlighted in the search engine. Every builder can improve their sales through blogs and promote it on social media sites like Instagram. It has the potential to attract new customers and promote special features.

Paid promotion campaign- Today promotional paid campaigns are a common practice in the real estate segment. Builders run paid campaigns through social media handles like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It makes them approachable and attracts new customers. This is advantageous as well as a person doesn’t have to visit the site physically and still view the house online. One of the many perks of a paid campaign is the target audience. One can pick the target audience and promote the project. It is a boon for today when people have less time to visit sites physically. Some promotional campaigns also use AI technology to show the new apartment and answer any query online.

The advent of technology has proven to be a game-changer in the real estate segment. Shravan Gupta, MGF group, uses social media campaigns to promote new and upcoming projects. There is a belief in the real estate sector that this will be a long-term change with a positive outlook. Adapting to the technology is a fruitful venture in the long run.

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