6 Best Scooba Diving Techniques

Scuba diving requires basic knowledge, some skills and techniques if you are attempting to go for your first dive. And that is why you need to know about these techniques before going for this adventurous sport.

Follow these tips and techniques if you are planning to go for Scooba diving:

A Safety Check Before Diving

This is a very important thing that you should never forget to do before going to dive. This includes checking all your equipment and ensuring that everything is perfectly working just like you check your passport and all your luggage before going somewhere. 

Controlling your Descents Properly

The descent is the most important part of every dive. If you know how to control your descents, you can land inside the water very smoothly. It also makes you comfortable and ensures your safety. 

Clean Your Mask

If you go for Scooba diving regularly, there are chances that water will enter inside your mask while diving. It is easy to clean it if you know the correct way to do it. People who learn Scooba diving from somewhere they are advised to practice this skill first in a pool and after that in open water. You can easily learn to clean your mask in a short time and you don’t even need to change your position to do that inside the water.

Learn Hand Signals

This may sound easy but it requires the same level of patience and time that is needed to learn a sign language. Universal hand signal is the technique used by the divers to communicate inside the water if they face any problem. It is advised to perform all the diving signals with your partner before going inside the water to make the process of communication easier.

Must Know Emergency Ascents

There are four types of emergency ascent used by the divers that is, normal ascent, the alternate air source ascent, the buoyant emergency ascent, the controlled emergency swimming ascent. If you have learned all these ascents and you know which one to use when it becomes easier for you. 

The Frog Kicking Technique

If you are using the flutter kicking technique, it is preferred more for open water dives. But if you want to improve your efficiency, you can learn the frog kicking technique. It is better than flutter kicking as it helps you the ability to control yourself in the water and pushes you directly behind the diver which eventually makes you do maximum movement with less efforts. It avoids stirring up bottom sediment, gives divers better control and propels water directly behind the diver for maximum movement with minimum effort. 


It is a very fun activity if performed properly. But you need to take care of your health by following the safety measures so that you can enjoy the underwater fun without facing any problem.


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