Best Places to Travel in Nepal

Hidden between China and India, Nepal is a haven for trekkers known for its magical mountains and legends. In addition to being a significant silk commercial hub, Nepal is also credited as being the birthplace of Buddha. 

The lofty mountains help the mountaineers to prepare before climbing Mount Everest. Nepal is now a place of tranquilly and tolerance.

Here is a list of some beautiful places you must visit in Nepal:

Trekking in the Langtang Region

With its high peaks, expansive views, ancient monasteries, and stunning mountain scenery, the Langtang Region, which is home to Langtang National Park, is a fantastic place for hiking. During the spring hiking season, rhododendron forests blossom, bringing colour to the landscapes.

Despite being near to Kathmandu, the region, which is home to the Sherpa people, is less developed than some of the other popular trekking destinations and generally less crowded on the trails. 

While considerably more dispersed than in other trekking regions, villages with accommodations and food can be located along the path with amazing trekking packages in Nepal.

Depending on the route, Langtang treks can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. For a lengthier walk, some hikers cross the Helambu and Langtang mountains together.

Everest Base Camp

If you move slowly and steadily, reaching the Everest base camp is not a difficult trek. It takes determination to succeed! The journey begins in Lukla at 3000 metres and travels up to base camp at 5,364 metres. 


There are two base camps: North base camp, located in Tibet at a height of 5,150 metres, and the South base camp, located in Nepal at a height of 5,364 metres. 


You will witness breathtaking views of villages, a big blue sky, and snow-covered peaks that appear to be getting closer with each step as you make your way to the camp. Additionally, there’s a probability you could experince snowfall while camping.


Rara Lake

Rara Lake is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal and is situated in the Jumla and Hugu districts. It is frequently referred to as “paradise on earth” due to its breathtaking natural beauty, and it spans an area of 5.1 km with an average depth of 100 m (330 ft). 

Trekking groups frequently spend the night near the lakeside. When you reach Manma Point, you will be overwhelmed by the lake’s enchanting beauty and can explore the surrounding, densely forested area.


Last Line

There are even more beautiful places in Nepal that you should not miss out. It still holds its evergreen natural beauty and is one of the most appealing sites on earth, even after the drastic earthquake.

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