Aggretsuko Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Story & More Updates

Aggretsuko, Sanrio’s metal-loving, and loveable red panda are just one of Netflix’s cultural icons, alongside Hello Kitty. After years of existence, Retsuko made her public debut in 2018 when the Netflix mascot earned her self-titled anime.

Also popular as Aggressive Retsuko, the show aired on Netflix in April 2018. followed by a second installment that came out a year later in 2019 and the third installment in 2020. The series deploys into the footsteps of Retsuko, a single anthropomorphic red panda, who works for a Japanese trading firm, who decides to join a rock band without having any idea what she’s getting herself into.

Currently, Aggretsuko is gearing up for a new run after the conclusion of season 3 in 2020.  While specifics of the upcoming series are a bit scarce, we’ve tried our best to bring some major information related to the series. So, here’s everything we know about Aggretsuko Season 4,


Will There Be Season 4 of ‘Aggretsuko’On Netflix?

As of writing, Netflix hasn’t announced a debut date for Aggretsuko Season 4. Season 4 of Aggretsuko has not yet been announced. In December 2020, Netflix’s NX Twitter account announced that a fourth season would premiere on December 23, 2021. The drawing depicted Retsuko, Haida, and Fenneko dressed as Santa and elves for the holiday season. No release date has been given for Season 4, even though it was confirmed in a tweet.

Aggretsuko Season 4 may premiere sooner than expected, going by past season premiere schedules. Aggretsuko’s first and second installments were separated by a 14-month gap. This coincided with the interval that separated Seasons 2 and 3. Since the third season debuted in August 2020, fans can expect to see their favorite red panda once again sporting its style somewhere between October and November 2021.

What Is Aggretsuko Season 4 Plot?

Season 3 was equipped with a lot of challenges that had a significant impact on Retsuko and the rest of the group. Undesired attention is bound to get in the way of Retsuko now when she’s in the limelight more than ever. We have seen how Retsuko struggled towards the conclusion of Season 3 after meeting a toxic fan. The crazed fan assaulted Retsuko in plain daylight, but Haida was there to save the day.

Retsuko was traumatized by the attack. After deciding to take a time off work, she closed her gates to the outside world and moved in with her mother. Retsuko made a conscious decision to repatriate before the credits rolled, thanks to Haida once more. Despite Retsuko’s rejection of Haida’s feelings in season 3, we expect Haida to fulfill his word to guard her in season 4. Even though Retsuko chose to return, things aren’t going to be any smoother for her now. In the coming season, we expect to see Retsuko conquer even more hurdles in her singing career.

Do We Have a Trailer For Aggretsuko Season 4?

Season 4 of Aggretsuko has yet to receive a trailer. Fans will surely get a trailer for the upcoming season in the following months as the year develops and if the above said release date holds. Unfortunately, without a trailer, it’s difficult to predict what challenges Retsuko and her mates will face in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, we leave you here with the trailer for season 3.

Aggretsuko’s seasons, like most anime, are split into arcs. Retsuko’s dreams of becoming a death metal star were briefly realized in season 3’s latest pop idol plotline, but they were suddenly and unexpectedly torn away when she was physically attacked by a crazed lunatic. Even though Haida saved her, Retsuko was left traumatized by the attack but has moved on from the majority of it.

It’s feasible that season 4 will focus on the strenuous aftereffects of season 3. Furthermore, since the season finished with Haida fully committed to wooing Retsuko, fans may be interested to see how this continues to play out in the fourth installment.

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