Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Plot And Spoilers

Young And Hungry is an American Freeform sitcom, that spanned for five consecutive seasons but binge-watcher are asking if there is a chance for the sixth installment. Young And Hungry debuted on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) in 2014. In the San Francisco-set sitcom, Emily Osment stars as Gabi Diamond, a gourmet foodie who takes a job as a personal chef for wealthy tech millionaire Josh Kaminski.

Gabi and Josh’s professional relationship is hampered by the revelation that they adore each other which led to a wild one-night affair. For the next three seasons of Young And Hungry, the love-struck couple had an on-again, off-again romance before eventually getting together at the finale of season 5. Freeform premiered the latter half of Season 5 in 2018 after a year break, concluding on a hanger with Gabi asking Josh to relocate to Seattle with her.

Here’s everything you need to know about the show’s uncleared fate.

Is There Going To Be A Sixth Season For Young & Hungry?

Regrettably, Young and Hungry will not be renewed for a sixth season. Freeform canceled both the show and its spin-off movie in March 2018. Despite the cast and audience’s surprise, the delay spanning seasons 5A and 5B deemed the show’s termination all but inevitable.

Freeform previously claimed that they would develop a Young and Hungry television film. The Young And Hungry film was scheduled to conclude the show’s fifth season. The upcoming film was to chronicle Gabi, Josh, and their pals as they grew through life.

unfortunately, the film was also dropped by Freeform, as Haley Joel Osment, the show’s star, announced in a tweet. In a nutshell, the last shocker of the fifth season will remain unresolved. According to fans, Gabi and Josh were supposed to get married in the film.

Despite several petitions from fans, Netflix did not take away the show. The streaming behemoth rescued several of our favorite television shows from cancellation, including Lucifer and Arrested Development but this time Netflix has been unable to avert the show’s demise.

In an official announcement made on March 15, 2018, it was confirmed that the fifth installment of the American Sitcom will be the show’s final season. The fifth season began on June 20, 2018, and concluded on July 25, 2018, with a total of 20 episodes.

What Transpired In The Show So Far?

Gabi is a fiery young job hunter seeking a  chance that will empower her to pursue her passion for food to a new level. Josh, on the other hand, is a wealthy computer mogul who understands everything except how to cook meals. What unfolds when Gabi and Josh cross paths?

Josh and Gabi find answers to their troubles in one another, but the duo also breeds chaos when they’re together. Josh and Gabi begin to grow feelings for each other right from the beginning of the series, but they are reluctant to confess it for fear of complicating their professional relationship.

The two had a one-night stand after getting intoxicated together, however. Even though it complicates their lives, they try their best to maintain a professional demeanor in the meeting room following the incident. The couple reveals their affections and begins dating during the first four seasons of the show.

However, their relationship is plagued by issues, and by the fourth season, they’ve developed an on-again, off-again dynamic. Gabi and Josh are reunited towards the end of the first episode of season five.

Young and Hungry Cast

If the show’s producers ever decide to make the sixth season, these are the young actors who are most likely to turn up in it.

  • Sofia Rodriguez is portrayed by Aimee Carrero.
  • Yolanda is acted by Kym Whitley.
  • Gabi Diamond is performed by Emily Osment.
  • Josh Kaminski is presented by Jonathan Sadowski.
  • Elliot Park is played by Rex Lee.


Many Young and Hungry lovers turned to the streaming giant to salvage the show after Freeform canceled seasons 6 and the TV movie. Netflix’s revival of series like Arrested Development, and Lucifer made it an ideal target. As of writing, we can fairly confirm that the show’s sixth installment will not be happening since Netflix never bit the cookie.

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