School 2021 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And Storyline

The next forthcoming South Korean television drama is School 2021. It’s the eighth installment of KBS2’s school series. To learn more about this series, keep reading the same article. You will like this series, particularly if you are a student who is afraid of taking admission tests.

School 2021 Release Date

The first episode will debut on November 17, 2021, and the series will consist of 16 episodes that will run on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30.

The cast of “School 2021”

So, based on the title, you’ve already guessed that this series is about kids, school, and all that. I’ve divided the cast into three groups: kids, instructors, and their families.

The main cast members are:

Gong Ki-joon is played by Kim Yo-han.

Jung Young-Joo, a transfer student with a mysterious story, is played by Choo Young-woo.

Cho Yi-Hyun plays Jin Ji-won, a high school student who aspires to be a carpenter.

As Kang Seo-young, Hwang Bo-reum-byeol

The cast members as students are as follows

Lee Jae-hee, brother of Lee Jae-hyuk, is played by Yoon Yi-re.

Ji Ho-sung is played by Kim Kang-min.

Ko Eun-bi is played by Seo Hee-sun.

In terms of Kim Nu-role rims as Jong-bok,

Lee Sang-Joon takes on the role of Lee Jae-hyuk.

Jung Min-Seo is played by Lee Ha-Eun.

Lee Hyo-Joo is played by Jung Ye-Seo.

Kim Cha-Yoon, in the role of Kim Myung,

The cast members as Educators are as follows

Lee Kang-hoon was performed by Jeon Seok.

Song Chae-rin is played by Kim Kyu-Seon.

Goo Mi-hee is played by Lee Ji-ha.

Lee Han-soo is played by Kim Min-sang.

 The storyline of “School 2021”

It’s all about the pupils and the school, as previously said. In this series, you will witness 18 young individuals who have chosen alternate routes instead of taking admission exams. If you’re curious about the alternate path, you’ll have to wait till it’s released. Then and only then will you receive your response. It’s all about friendship, youth, school groups, and endless school fun with friendship and romance thrown in for good measure. Overall, watching this series will be entertaining because it offers a variety of genres that will pique your interest. I hope you’ll give this series a chance to watch it. This Korean drama is a must-see.

During the production, it was known as “school 2020.” The year 2020 is represented by 2020, however, because the show was unable to finish in 2020 and was prolonged to 2021, the name has been changed to “school 2021,” with 2021 representing the year 2021.

“School 2021” Trailer

If you want to see the teaser, you’ve come to the correct spot; I’ve put the teaser’s YouTube link below; please watch it, and I’m confident you’ll like the series.

This great drama series will make you fall in love. Many kids may be able to link this series to their own educational experiences. This series will be available to watch from November 17th. Wait for it and keep visiting our site for more similar articles and news in the meanwhile.

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