Peppa Pig Background

Peppa pig is a popular animated cartoon series. The story revolves around Peppa, who is an active and friendly pig. Peppa is always happy, and she loves to play. Her friends love to play with her and help her grow. 

The story of Peppa Pig started when she used to live with her family members in China. Her family members were George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, Pipa, Granny Pig, and Poppy the cow. 

Peppa left China and settled in London, where she met her father’s colleague, Mr. Skinnyleg Macduff. He used to sell his products to Peppa’s family. 

Astley Baker Davis started this animated cartoon series. This show was aired on May 31st, 2004. The latest season (seventh) began airing on March 5th, 2021. Peppa Pig has become so popular. Recently, it was broadcasted in 180+ countries.

Peppa Pig House Wallpaper


We all know about Peppa Pig’s popularity and craze among kids. Some more details about Peppa Pig are that her Father or Mr. Pig is a farmer, while her mother is a housewife.

The reason behind Peppa Pig’s popularity was, back in 2006, when more than 10 million people worldwide watched an episode and loved it. So it has become very famous now. 


Every kid loves Peppa Pig and wants their room filled with Peppa Pig merchandise. So, to make them happy, you can decorate their rooms with Peppa Pig wallpaper. 


Decorating Room With Peppa Pig Wallpaper

Filling your rooms with different postures or wallpapers can make your home look more attractive. If you are decorating your child’s room, who is crazy about Pegga Pig, then you can draw or purchase some Peppa Pig Wallpapers. 


If you want your room to look more attractive, then you can even add Bedsheets, Furniture, and wall hangings to your rooms. 


Adding different colors and patterns to your child’s room increases their creativity among themselves. They learn about creating new things of their own. So if you are planning to do the same, then you can try these kinds of things.