La Revolution Season 2

When Will La Revolution Season 2 Release On Netflix: Check Date & Cast Spoilers

The lovers of La Revolution have praised it and now keeping their eyes on the second season of the series. Everyone wants to know if there is a possibility of the second season. We inform our readers that you will get every information about the series here but before moving ahead we love to introduce you the first season of La Revolution to those who haven’t watched it yet. The supernatural drama is available in the French language. It is the original series of Netflix and produced under John Doe Production. The series released on Netflix on 16th October 2020 and applauded by the audience as well as critics.

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  • There might be the second season of La Revolution
  • Reasons of why makers can renew the series

It is starring Doudou Masta in the role of Oka, Amelia Lacquemant portrayed the role of Madeleine, Ian Turiak as Louis XVI, Julien Frison in the role of Donatien de Montargis, Julien Sarazin and many others. The first season of La Revolution has a total of 8 episodes and all of them released simultaneously. It is a perfect delivery or Halloween season.

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Now, we move to the topic of the day, the release date of the series. Still, it has been the biggest question mark that makers are planning to renew the series or not. There is no official information about the same but we can assume. The first season has covered a big part of the story hence there are fewer chances of the remake.

we have also seen on Netflix that series in non-English language lesser comer with more seasons. The biggest reason for not renewing is the circumstances of the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. To film season 2 is not an easy task in the crisis. The government of France seems to impose a full lockdown in the country in view of soaring coronavirus cases.

Our viewers shouldn’t leave the hope as it is just an assumption, nothing is officially announced. We have so many examples that may help you to think positive. You may be in the swim about the Spanish series Money Heist on Netflix. It is also a non-English series and set to deliver its fifth instalment on the same platform after the popularity of the series. If La Revolution manages to win the audience hearts then it may give a reason to the makers for renewing the series.

We can’t say that the first season of La Revolution has answered all the questions. Still, there are a few unanswered questions which may help makers to renew the series. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from around the world.

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