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Get A Tour of Robert Lowe’s Majestic $45.5M Montecito Mansion: How It Looks?

Owing a great mansion is really a beautiful feeling but what when you get more money than you have asked. The same happened with Rob Lowe’s sumptuous mansion situated in Montecito. In 2019, Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Lowe planned to sell their plush mansion. In 2018, they asked $47 million but in 2019 they reduced it to $43 million. Finally, the mansion has been bought at the price of $45.5 million by the co-founder of Roundtable Health Care Partners.

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Who is Robert Lowe?

Robert Hepler Lowe is the popular name in the Hollywood film industry. He started acting at the age of 15 with A New Kind of Family, the show debuted on ABC network. He first debuted in the film with The Outsiders in 1983. The same year he appeared in television film title Thursday’s Child. He rose to fame with television series The West Wing in 1999. This year became the notable one for Robert Lowe in Hollywood.

The grand neighbourhood is precise to the one who is planning to go out of the Hollywood area as the neighbourhood is 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains in Santa Barbara Country. The plus point about the neighbourhood is that it set us near hill area along with pleasant and beautiful weather. various homes of the area have a Mediterranean theme.

Robert Lowe’s Majestic $45.5M Montecito Mansion Highlights

Though the mansion of Lowe has torn the line. We are unable to explain the amazing view of the residence. There are so many bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, grand living area, outdoor living space. Every part of the mansion is lavish. As you know the residence of Lowe is spread in 10,000 square yards but looks like a cute and sweet home. On the three acres of land, you will see lush greenery. The front of the house looks so gorgeous and royal.

At the entrance of the house, there is an open area with lavish furniture. There are so many sitting areas for guests and as well as residents. The french style door can also be enjoyed for fresh air to come. The beautiful mansion looks so royal and modern with pure white furniture and wooden floor.

The mansion has around 20 rooms and one of them is Playroom. There is a perfect arrangement to play pool and cards. Bedroom to Bathroom everything is just wow. It’s like the nightmare for many of the people who can just dream it. Everything is so perfect, bright, attractive, and the lighting all over the house is captivating. There is also a grand pool to enjoy and relax. Stay connected for more updates from around the world.

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