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Why Jacob Tremblay Was Nervous To Play Justin Bieber in ‘Lonely’ Music Video?

Room boy Jacob Tremblay will play Justin Bieber in his new music video “Lonely” with record producer Benny Blanco. The music video dropped out on Friday, evening. The video shows 14 years Jacob as Beiber sitting on the chair with a saddened face. He can be seen in side-swept hair and wearing a purple hoodie. Jacob gets up from the chair and picks up his hockey stick and hit the ball out. He leaves the room and rushes to the auditorium, starts singing. In the end, the one who was sitting in the auditorium was Justin himself. Justin Bieber has dedicated the Lonley song to himself. The heart touching and amazing lyrics have stolen the audience heart.


  • Jacob said to his parents in the grocery store that Justin Bieber called him so he had to go out.
  • Jacob Trembley was nervous as he never played the role of a real person.

Talking about the video, Jacob says that he has never imagined himself in Bieber’s music video. He said it feels very strange. He said he never thought to appear in Bieber’s music video. Trembley says that Justine’s team came to approach him for the role, they agreed to chat on the phone to answer some of the questions of Jacob. Jacob said that they thought both of them would call each other but they didn’t get the same time. He said that Bieber called him when he was in the grocery shop with his parents and came out of that to say them that it’s Justin’s call so he had to go out to attend.

Jacob Trembley played Justin Bieber in Lonely

Jacob said when he received the offered he was very confused and nervous. As he never played the role of a real person. He said that always he has played made-up roles but it was the first real person character which he had to play. Jacob said, in reality, he wanted to feel the song and play what Bieber wants him to feel. He said it’s a kinda serious song but he wants people to listen to it. It is really amazing and interesting.

There is no doubt that Jacob played his character quite well. We have seen him in Room of 2016, it was toughest to explain. It has received so many awards and nominations for his character in Room. He has received awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Youth Performance, Best Breakthrough Performance, Best Young Performer and various others. Benny Blanco and Justin Bieber have worked together in 2015 for Love Yourself. Stay connected for more updates from around the world.

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