Bigg Boss 14 Today's Episode 17 October Written Updates

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode 17 October Written Updates Highlights: Watch Clips From The Show!

The 14th edition of Bigg Boss has become the talk of the city. Daily new matters are rising in the house. We have seen in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode that Seniors chose Nikki Tamboli the best contestant and she came out of TBC and became confirmed. Bigg Boss also gave her some privileges of seniors. Most of the freshers didn’t seem happy with the decision of Bigg Boss. A week later, in today’s episode, Bigg Boss will introduce a new twist in the house. Bigg Boss will ask freshers whether Nikki deserves confirmation or not. All the freshers would be giving their own views.

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  • Bigg Boss asks freshers, Does Nikki deserve to be confirmed?
  • Rubina Vs Seniors for chopping
  • Jaan Kumar and Rahul Vaidya sings in their melodious voice

On this Jasmin says that she doesn’t think that she should be confirmed as she changes her personality daily. She adds that her real personality is very messy and her tongue is really dirt. She has misused her privileges various times. As we know that Jaan is a good friend of Nikki and ready to do anything for her but after all this, he also doesn’t seem happy with it. He says that sometimes she speaks something which can’t be taken back.

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode 17 October Written Updates

After becoming the senior she has become selfish. Jaan continues and says that she has lost her friends and values. He says that her highest argument is that she has been confirmed if someone has dare, show. Nishant says that Nikki’s talks are baseless and sometimes very selfish. She shows that she is superior to anyone.

Nishant says it is never a good thing to humiliate someone, today it’s your time and tomorrow it can be others. We have seen in past episodes that Nikki, Rahul, Jaan and Nishant have shared a special bond. But today Nishant and Nikki would be fighting where Nikki says that if Nishant were her friend he could tell her this on the first day.

Today, you should not miss enjoying another moment of the show. Rubina and seniors argument or debate. As you know the new topic has arisen in the house just because of the trouble maker of the house Nikki. She said in the last episode that she would not chop vegetable as Bigg Boss gave her seniors privilege. She would also not do work as seniors so now any other member has to take over that work. This topic has brought so many disputes in the house. The major fight can be witnessed today between Rubina and seniors.

Rubina says she can’t cook and chop for 13 people and insists today she would only chop. On this Sidharth says that people who don’t know cooking how would they do? Rubina keeps her point and says that if every housemate has right on the house equally so it’s their duty to work as well. And if they don’t know don’t make the matter and help others. Sidharth asks Guahar to change the duty. Rubina says that Sidharth is becoming unfair and unreasonable.

Today Rahul and Jaan would be singing in their melodious voice. Rahul will sing Mai Tainu Samjhavaki while Jaan would sing his father song Baazigar O Baazigar. Both of the singers are set to make your days. So guys are you ready to hum with Rahul and Jaan? And yes don’t forget to let us know who sings better. Stay connected for fresh updates.

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