How President Trump Can Still Win The US Election 2020? & Why?

The entire world is eyeing the upcoming election of America. This war between the two parties is going to be seen by the whole world. This time there is a war between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to win America’s presidency. As you all know, this battle is taking place between the American Republican Party and the Democratic Party, with Republican Party leader Donal Trump and Democratic Party leader Joe Biden. Through this article, you are going to be told how Trump can still win the US election? All Americans have seen the work of Trump for the country and also appreciating his relation with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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  • How President Trump can still win the US Election? Know
  • Biden is currently estimated to win 87%. Joe Biden is ranked 83.5 per cent by the Decision Desk headquarters

There is no much time is remaining for the elections of the United State of America. It is being speculated that will Donald Trump get back his position or Joe Biden will be handed the key of the powerhouse? Some reports suggest that Trump will lose his election bid. Biden is currently estimated to win 87%. Joe Biden is ranked 83.5 per cent by the Decision Desk headquarters.

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Hillary Clinton also saw the possibility of victory 4 years ago. But its decision turned out to be something else. It is now being told that Trump will once again see the face of victory? It has been reported from the news that an oath was taken in January which reflects Donald Trump’s victory in 2020. Trump has also promised that there are other things that are worth doing to reach here. Donald Trump can be back to his power again by his relations with India’s Prime minister Narendra Modi.

Donald Trump’s, one of the tapes of early February documents, revealed that coronavirus is an airborne lethal disease, which is being described as worse and unreliable infection from the flu. He also assured the public that the virus would be completely taken under control. This virus will magically disappear, again the condition of the country will recover.


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