US Election 2020

US Election 2020: What Date is It? How Does To Vote? & What Are The Key Swim States?

Joe Biden said, that India is the natural partner of US, even also he claimed that if he will get the victory in the elections which are coming on 3rd of November, then he will continue the strong relationship with India. He also said,For the protection, we need India as a strong partner”. As you all know that the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has been started in front of the public through the national television screens. As you all know Donald Trump as ready to sign the Stimulus Package on Thursday. If we talk about CARES ACT that included one-time stimulus check which is directly sent to the American with the amount of $1,200.

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  • “For the protection, we need India as a strong partner”, Joe Biden Said
  • The U.S. Elections are coming on 3rd of November 2020
  • The leaders are debating with each other, Know who will win the election?

Every 4 years after, when the America election comes that the entire world keeps its eye on it. Hence every people are interested to see the elections of the United State. Know when the election will be held? and who are the Candidates of the election this time? The election of the president in the US offence held in the November after first Monday and before coming first Tuesday. This time the elections are going to be held on 3rd of November 2020.

Adverse of the other countries, In the U.S. the elections held between two parties from which the leader is chosen. As you all know that the republican party of the United State of America is an archaic political party whose leader is Donald Trump. He is in the endeavours for being the president for the further 4 years.

The Republican party is also known as the most strong old party which is popularly known as a low tax, gun possession rights, and strict restrictions on migrants. The US elections are around the corner, but the COVID-19 created the other aspects of difficulties. Both top-notch leaders are debating with each other while firing away from the sharp wording.

Both leaders are also presenting their views which includes future campaigns and planning too. Do not miss to watch the result of the elections. Stay tuned with this channel for being updated like in the same way.

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