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Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode19th October Written Updates: What to Expect Next?

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode yesterday brought so many controversies in the BB house. The episode starts where Rubina denies performing the task where freshers have to tell that who has more garbage in their mind. This task was between Rubina and Nikki. Rubina says that she can’t let anyone compare her mind to the bin of garbage. She also says that how the chief of the show can say someone to compare others to the dustbin. Here, Salman says to Rubina that she hasn’t understood the task and reacting without thinking.


  • Who will be evicted? Jaan, Abhinav & Shehzad are bottom three contestants.
  • The freshers will be divided into three teams.

He says that garbage means illogical talks, speaking about senseless and pointless matters. At last, Rubina gets ready to perform the task. Later, Salman says that if she hasn’t risen this topic so he was just going to appreciate her performance. He also praised Rahul and Jasmine, as we have seen their performance in ‘Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai’ task. It was mindblowing, not only Salman but also seniors and especially Gauhar applauds Rahul and says that he left no stone unturned to entertain them and as well as the audience. On the other hand, Salman says that audience watching outside found Jasmin so real.

At the end of the last episode, Salman announces this week’s eviction. He declares that Shehzad, Abhinav and Jaan are nominated for the eviction. Salman has handed over the final decision in the fresher’s hand. It is to be noted that who would be next to come out of the house. If sources are believed, Abhinav would be the next contestant to evict from the house after Sara.

When freshers would be asked of whom they want to throw out of the house. Nikki would name Shehzad, she claims that he has come there just to sleep. She also says that Shehzad always tries to seek the attention of the camera and ends to says that he doesn’t deserve to be in the house. The heated argument touches the roof and Jasmin jumps into the dispute as no one stops. Rubina will take Jaan’s name as he plays the game in his friend’s influence. The new task is supposed to start from today and the freshers will have the opportunity to change their status from to be confirmed to confirmed.

The freshers will be divided into three teams and the leader of the team are our seniors Gauhar, Hina and Sidharth. It will be freshers choice that whom they want to join for the task. Stay connected to see who chooses whom.

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