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Kdrama ‘Start Up’ Episode 1: Bae Suzy is Dal-Mi, an Aspiring Entrepreneur From a Dysfunctional Family!

K-drama Start-Up is written by Park Hye-Ryun while directed by Oh Choong-Hwan for tvN network. The first episode of the much-anticipated series released on 17th October 2020. The series casts Bae Suzy in the lead role of Seo Dal-Mi, a young and cute girl. She has a best friend and it is none other than her own elder sister Kang Han-Na portrayed by Won In-Jae. The duo shares everything with each other. The relationship of their parents doesn’t go well and the duo decides mutually to separate. At that point, mom gives choice to both of her daughters whether to stay with their father who was struggling for stability financially or with her.

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Both of them take the decision and chooses one each. Dal-mi chooses her father while In-Jae picks up mom. In-Jae’s mom remarries to a financially stable man. Due to this, In-Jae lives an easier life which a normal child wants. In-Jae’s stepfather teaches him a lesson of how life is easy when someone follows the path which is ready instead of building the new one. One day when In-Jae was moving to the US, she decides to share her thoughts with her sister. She also assuaged her guilt of leaving her closest sister and father behind. In-Jae taunts Dal-mi to pick up their father instead of mom. There comes a huge difference between two close sisters.

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Dal-mi was depending on her grandparent for any help and struggles to set up her new business. On the other hand, In-Jae becomes the most-hated personality in the IT sector to use her stepfather’s money. Dal-mi once again meets to her sister after so long just to taunt her. The first episode ends with Dal-mi, who writes another letter after years. She thanks Do-san to support her have the bloom of the spring instead of mourning the fall which comes at the end.

Apart from Seo Dal-Mi and Won In-Jae, the series also stars Nam Joo-Hyuk in the role of Nam Do-San, Kim Sun-Ho in the role of Han Ji-Pyeong, Kim Hae-Sook, Seong Seon-Mi, Kim Joo-Hun, Erom Hyo-Seop, Moon Dong-Hyeok and many others. The series started premiering from 17th October and would release each episode on weekend. The second episode streamed on 19th October. The third & fourth are set to premiere on 24th & 25th October. If you haven’t watched the series yet, go and must have a watch. It’s an amazing series that must grab your eyeballs. Stay connected for the latest updates.

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