Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Hollywood Crisis: Is Chris Pratt is a Donald Trump Supporter?

Once again the cast of Avengers is reuniting, but not for the sequel. For what? The question is perfectly appropriate to ask. The cast has ensembles to fundraise for Democratic Party. They will arrange a virtual concert for the presidential nominee of Democratic party for fundraising. According to the reports in Variety, the vice presidential nominee of Democratic Party Kamala Harris and directors The Russo Brothers would be joined by various actors including Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana, Paul Rudd and many others for trivia and Q&A. The event has been titled, Voters Assemble.

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Is Chris Pratt is a Donald Trump Supporter?

The virtual concert will take place on 20th October at 6:45 ET. All the supporters of the Democratic Party are welcome at the concert, they can fix any amount to donate as victory fund of Joe Biden.

American actor and producer Mark Ruffalo, has been supporting the party openly. He has also stimulated the voters on his social media handles to vote. Ruffalo, on his Instagram story, shared a post where we can see a mask and a word VOTE is written on it. He gave a caption to the post. Ruffalo penned, It is an important time for everybody’s health, America’s climate, atmosphere and democracy. He asked people to join and support him on @dfateam, he also said that the team would send a VOTE mask as a reward. One could obtain the reward and the link was given in his Instagram story and highlight.

He asked people to pick up those champions who would fight the Green New Deal and force the government to pass climate effect that can compete to the problem. Though, the netizens are talking about Chris Pratt. He has been offended by some serious allegations.

One of the users said they all agree that Chris Pratt has been thrown out of Chris team for his homophobic church and his removal of the seriousness in the election. One another user says, that he can’t believe that one of his favourite star Chris Pratt is Trump supporter as he is against LGBTQ. It must not be true as it hurts a lot to see your favourite star with someone you hate.

Netizens do not stop here, one another says that Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are superiors that Chris Pratt. There are many users who came in Chris Pratt’s support. Stay connected to get the latest updates from around the world.


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