WhatsApp launches new feature to arrest the spread of fake news


  • Search the Web is launched to fight the numerous disinformation spreading during the Covid time
  • The messaging app has been working on this feature for a long time
  • The feature is now rolled in few countries for Android, iOS and WhatsApp web users

WhatsApp is probably the most popular social messaging application, with more than 2 billion users globally. From setting limits on how many times messages can be sent at once to maintain the private nature of the application.

According to recent updates, WhatsApp is back with an additional feature to impede the spreading of fake news. This is the latest attempt from the social media company to prevent the dissemination of false news.

Magnify your search

The new feature enables the users to check the authenticity of a forwarded message. A great deal of hoaxes has been spreading via social media at the present time of the viral outbreak and the latest feature is aimed at putting an end to this on its platform.

‘Search the Web’ feature consists of a magnifying glass icon displayed on the right side of the forwarded message that you have received on the application. Tapping on the icon leads you to sources of the message you have received and thus verify the genuineness of the same.The feature works by allowing users to upload messages via their browser without WhatsApp ever seeing the message itself.

The latest feature is for latest versions

The Facebook -owned app rolled out the new feature , starting today, in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico , Spain, UK, and US for those on the latest versions of WhatsApp for Android, Ios, and WhatsApp web users.

Earlier this year, WHO had launched a Health Alert on WhatsApp to provide information on the latest reports on the global pandemic.

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