What Is The Best? Dell Or HP In Laptops?

Both these brands have a good value in the market. This is because people have been using the Dell and HP laptops for such a long and trust the performance, quality, durability, and processors available in these laptops. 

However, if you are planning to purchase a new laptop, specifically for Dell or HP, you need to compare the features of both laptops and choose the most suitable one.

Dell vs. HP 

Choosing one among these two popular brands could be difficult but not impossible. So let’s read the article to know the features and compare both brands. 

Build Quality & Hardware

The new laptops launched by Dell come with 8GB of RAM, combined with a quad-core processor. Dell also offers excellent performance across the board.

The newly launched Dell models also come with the Intel Core i7 processors. Talking about the HP laptops, they come with an i5 processor on a base level. 

So now it is clear that Dell is the leading brand that offers top-quality processors in the area of Build Quality and Hardware. 


There is always a battle between Apple and Dell for the best display. The Apple MacBook comes with a high-quality retina display. On the other hand, the new XPS high-end series matches them in this area.


Talking about the performance, Dell offers some of you will excellent performance for a very. They also specialize in monitor quality and fast processors, which come with larger RAM than its competitors, available at lower prices. But you have to pay accordingly for all these fantastic features as most of the dell laptops offering these features come with a high price. 


If you want a laptop with good durability, then Dell could be a good choice. It has excellent customer service support and also comes with a warranty.

Battery Life

On average, Dell laptops are similar to the other laptops of premium brands. You will get 7-8 hours of battery life once the time is fully charged. 

If you want to buy a laptop with battery life for longer hours, then you can opt for the Dell XPS series. But as many of their designs comes with a high resolution and touch screen, it can affect the battery life.


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