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Uttar Pradesh: Why Was Acid Thrown on Three Minor Girls? Check Latest Updates Here!

Uttar Pradesh: Three young Dalit sisters living in the village in Gonda district, Uttar Pradesh, attacked with acid when they were sleeping at their home. The incident happened at 2 am in the morning, the attacker allegedly entered the house and threw acid on three of them. According to the information the police has arrested the main attacker who is being identified as Ashish Kumar. It is also said that the accused has been shot on his right knee. The incident took place on Monday at 2 am in the Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh. Know about the entire incident given below in this article.

Uttar Pradesh: Why Was Acid Thrown on Three Minor Girls?

According to the information, the three girls are minor. The 17 years old girl has 30 per cent burn injury, the 12 years old girl has 20 per cent burn injuries, and the 8-year-old girl has 5-7 per cent burn injury. Thrice were moaning in pain. Through the multiple reports, the main purpose for the attacker was to throw acid on the elder sister who is 17 years old and other younger sister were also sprinkled with acid.

Hence the elder sister has high burn injuries. Immediately the three sisters were admitted to the district hospital. The three are still under the treatment in the hospital. Know about the condition of the victims family which is given below. Know, Why Ashish Kumar threw acid on three of them?

What is the Condition Of The Victims’ Family?

Police is an investigation about the entire incident, said by SP Kumar Pandey of the District. The strict action will be taken against the accused. As per the news, three victims father irons cloth in the district. The family has not taken any suspect name who can do this major twitch with the three innocent girls. The complaint also lodged against the unknown person.

But all of us are surmising a known person indulged in this crime, said by Senior Police Officer Shailendra Kumar Pandey in front of NDTV. It is also being seen that the entire incident is being connected to politics. Know how this incident can be part of a political party.

UP Government’s Position

The incident happened in Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh where the government is run by Yogi Aditya Nath. A few weeks ago, a crime occurred at UP, that a girl gangly raped and leave in the worst condition. The girl who died on 29th of September flattery took the name of four accused before dying. According to the appeal lodged by CBI, four accused have been arrested. Now, this is another incident happened in UP at Gonda district, where the three innocent sisters brutally attacked by acid and burnt 30 per cent, 20 per cent and 5-7 per cent.

The Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said over the situation that The UP government which is run by Yogi Aditya Nath is protecting the criminals and their crimes against women, she said this in a post which she shared on her official twitter handle. Stay tuned here and read some more details through a notification given by us!

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