Brooklyn Shooting: A 38 Year Old Man Became The Latest Victim To Gun Violence

Brooklyn Shooting

The borough city of New York, Brooklyn, is no stranger to gun shootings and killings. One of the latest casualties of the ongoing menace is a 38-year-old man, named Ricardo Pena. He was shot near the Power Station in Williamsburg at forty minutes past 14 hours. 

Brooklyn Shooting

Pena was sitting in his car when a stranger began shooting at the car. According to police reports, the attacker directly shot Pena in his face. Pena tried to escape another shot by getting out of his car. However, this did not stop the attacker from continuing the attack. The gunman targeted Pena and charged bullets persistently. He got shot at his left foot. There were too much blood and gore at the scene. Not much later, Pena fell unconscious on the floor in a critical state. He got admitted to the hospital nearby but did not make it. 

A 38 Year Old Man Died on the Spot

Dan Moran, a 33-year-old who saw the entire episode of violence said that there were two shots within a timeframe of 10 seconds. After that, he saw Pena lying on the floor with blood everywhere, on the ground and on his car. Moran said that he saw Pena bleeding from inside out through his neck and face and was finding it hard to even breathe. Later, he was taken to the hospital by the police force. 

Pena’s relatives were absolutely heartbroken to hear the news of his departure. His brother, 25-year-old Chirs Pena remembered his brother with tears flooding. “He was my brother. He was always a good big brother. He wanted me to learn from his mistakes.” He said. Chris added that his brother was a wonderful person and it would be devastating to know who would do this to him. Ricardo was also expecting a granddaughter later this year. Some of his colleagues recalled Pena as a glazier who worked to fix glasses and windows. When one of them saw Pena’s car, he said that he did not want to know what happened. He hoped that it was not what he thought it was. The spokesperson also added that Pena was evidently targeted.

NYC Growing Gun Violence 

This was not the only gun violence act that took place in the city that day. Two other men were also found injured under similar circumstances. A 35-year-old man was shot in the legs in the earlier part of the day. He was immediately taken to Harlem hospital and is now in  healthy condition. There was however no evidence as to who did the crime. Another victim to the shootings was a 25-year-old man who was shot in the lower part of the leg and grazed in the head.


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