India at No. 3 in Disaster Ranking Worldwide
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India at No. 3 in Disaster Ranking Worldwide: Losses $3 Trillion on Disaster Prevent Actions

It is shocking to know that India has ranked no. 3 in the disaster that took after China and USA.  As you know that most of the Altitudes, Rainy, Hot, and bumping hilly areas be the biggest reason for the disaster. This all disaster occurs naturally which gulp many life and lives of the innocent people. After checking the record over the last year it has been explored that India has reached at no.3 in the disaster worldwide and losses at $3 Trillion over the disaster to prevent damage.

India at No. 3 in Disaster Ranking Worldwide

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This report has been given by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduce (UNDRR). Even also UNDRR celebrated the International Day Fro DRR. Read some more details given below in this article and stay tuned on this page like in the same flow of reading. It seems serious matter which is to be concerned. As you all know that many of the damage due to natural disaster two place in the hilly areas such as Uttarakhand.

The worst condition due to a disaster takes money a lot to recover it again. Hence India has losses at $3 trillion over disaster and reached at the third position world wildly after China and USA. Even the government has to spend on the livelihood of the migrating people. The last 20 years recorded 91% of all 7,348 natural disaster which is more than 4,212, recorded between 1980 and 1999.

Extreme Weather Events like Flood, Storm, Landslide, Heatwaves, Drought, and Wildfire. The Last 20 years have revealed 6,681 climate-related disasters which are considered more than 3,656 between the year 1980-1999. As per the records of the natural disasters, it is said that The disaster has effected 4 billion people with the $2.97 trillion economic losses.

India Losses $3 Trillion on Disaster Prevent Actions

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According to the latest data of the last 19 years, that India faced 321 disaster events during 2000-2019 and ranked 2nd after china which has recorded 577 disaster events during the same time period. India has ranked No.3 after China and USA in the disaster events. These three countries contain the highest number of disaster events.

Moreover, The data of People death due to disaster reached India in the sixth position in term of the total number. There are 40% flood disasters, 28% storms disasters, 8% Earthquakes, and 6% Extreme Temperature. These all are the lethal disasters which mostly occurs in India. These disasters links to the natural hazards worldwide which gulp approximately 1.19m lives if it comes to that 3.25bn people are effected with $1.63tn economic losses. Stay tuned on this page like in the same way!

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