Monster Hunter Trailer: Milla Jovovich Takes on Giant Monsters Check Full Video

Monster Hunter Trailer: Milla Jovovich Takes on Giant Monsters Check Full Video

One of the much-awaited trailers of the amazing film, Monster Hunter has revealed. The military science fiction fantasy film is all set to hit the screen by the end of this year. It is based on the game series of the same name by Capcom. Paul W.S. Anderson has directed the film while Jeremy Bolt, Dennis Berardi, Robert Kulzer, Martin Moszkowicz and Paul W.S. Anderson have produced the film jointly. In the trailer, we see the soldier’s team of Jovovich take the step into the unfamiliar world. In that world, many giant monsters abide. The character of Jaa merges forces with them to survive in the strange world.

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The military film is ready to bring a lot of action and drama. The trailer has talked so much about the military drama. Monster Hunter seems much alike other monster movies. Talking about more monster or superhero genres so it seems to be the last one for this year. Yes, it means this is the one film which can give you a chance to come back to the theatres.

Monster Hunter Trailer

Capcom announced the making of the film in October 2018. The production of the film started in the same month with production houses Constantin film and Impact pictures.

Sony Pictures has decided to release the film on 30th December 2020 in the US. The film will be released in various countries that include the UK, US, China, Japan, Canada and Germany. Sony Pictures has taken the responsibility to distribute the film worldwide. Tencent Pictures has decided to distribute the film in China while Toho network will be distributing in Japan.

In 2019, the teaser of the film first hit the screens at shanghai International Film festival. At the same time, Toho and Tencent decided to distribute in Japan and China. Initially, the film was scheduled to hit the screens on 4th September 2020. But COVID-19 pandemic threw the release date six months later for 23rd April 2021. Later that, the release was moved back for December 30.

Monster Hunter will be featuring Milla Jovovich in the role of Anderson’s spouse, T.I is portraying Link and Perlman would play Admiral. Tony Jaa is playing the male lead, The Hunter. You will be able to see many popular actors. The first trailer of the film released online on14th October. You can also enjoy the trailer on the same post. This little glimpse is all set to give you the reason to watch the film. Stay connected for more updates.

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