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JuJutsu Kaisen Episode 3 is Ready to Release: JuJutsu Kaisen is Must Watch Anime of This Fall

Here is everything that gives you reasons why the Shonen series is special and must-watch for you. It would be able to grab your eye-balls to the show. Later enjoying the story of a high schooler, 15 years athlete Yuji Itadori, the lead discovers himself having the disbranch finger of a demonic substance and obtaining the power of a curse to preserve his friends. Till the date, it has delivered two episodes. The first one on 3rd October while the rest one on 10th October. The Shonen series coming from Mappa studio has received a great response from the viewers.

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JuJutsu Kaisen Episode 3 is Ready to Release

Mappa has animated the much-loved Jujutsu. The developers are busy to create the fourth and the final episode. After enjoying the adventure, dark fantasy and the stunts of Yuji Itadori we assure the Survey Corps fans, won’t be disappointed. They don’t need to worry. Mappa has brought many amazing scenes to us. The character expressions and smooth and brilliant animation has captivated the eye-ball of the audience. The first episode has been titled Ryomen Sukuna which premiered on 3rd October while the second is For Myself, released on 10th October, and the 3rd episode is ready to release on this 16th, October.

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Sunghoo Park has directed he anime series. Hiroshi Seko has penned the amazing plot. The attractive and amazing characters were created by Tadashi Hiramatsu. The series officially debuted on MBS and TBS. The series will last after 24 episodes. In the comparison of past Shonen series, this one resolves its odds. Yuji has received one of the most powerful curses which the world might have seen. He has been given many powers which includes speed and strength. In the first episode, we have enjoyed some of the most entertaining battles. though many of them are yet to come.

JuJutsu Kaisen is Must Watch Anime of This Fall

The initial two episodes ticked our bones badly and Yuji proved himself as the most entertaining and hilarious lead. We have seen him breaking down for his crush, Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence and also one-sided fight with a doll. The series proved to be the great mixture of action and laugh.

There could be no better time for the series to come except the October month. The month is completely dedicated for the Halloween season. This Shonen series is a complete package of supernatural entities, ghosts and monsters. Would you love to give your watch to the dark fantasy in the Halloween month? Stay connected with us to get latest updates from around the world.

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