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WWE’s Next Superstar: Who can Replace Roman Reigns?

Though for the longest time, it seemed that not unlike John Cena, Roman Reigns would reign at number 1 till the end of his career. Despite quickly rising to the top as one of the good-guys in 2014, he seemed to be getting increasingly negative reactions from the WWE universe. Having taken time away from WWE during the initial few months of the pandemic, he was able to return with a new attitude in August 2020.

Though since then, the four-time WrestleMania main-eventer has stated that he sees nobody who stands out enough with the potential to replace him as the top main-eventer in the years to come. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five WWE superstars who could realistically replace him.

Replacements for Roman Reigns

Our top pick for this would be Bray Wyatt. He has had a career resurgence like no other. When he re-debuted in 2013 as a part of the Wyatt Family, he quickly gained popularity. He was very compelling and got high profile matches against the likes of Undertaker and John Cena. However, he was losing several big matches and losing his popularity with it. However, in 2019 he reinvented himself as 2 different personas: “The Fiend” and “Firefly Fun House”. This has helped him stay relevant and proven that he is still quite captivating. He has proven that he is more than capable of replacing Roman Reigns.

Sasha Banks is another contender for this spot. She has had a few difficult moments after dropping out of WWE RAW women’s championship in September 2017. But all things considered, she has had quite a comeback. Having featured prominently on WWE television with Bayley, she is currently more than worthy of being a main event character for WWE’s shows. She is young, at 28, and she has great potential as a replacement for Roman Reigns.

Our third possible replacement is Adam Cole. He has already cemented himself as one of the top superstars in WWE NXT history. Though he is likely to remain with NXT for some more time, he is one of the top wrestlers from that group. If he is to make a permanent shift to RAW or Smackdown, he will start as a main event contender capable of taking Roman Reigns’ place.

One of WWE’s most established names over the last few years has been Seth Rollins. He has had plenty of appearance in main event pay per views. He is very well known and tends to deliver. He’s 34, so he potentially can go for another decade. He is currently putting out some of the best performances in his career at the moment. There’s no reason why he cannot go on to replace Roman Reigns in time.

Our final potential replacement is Becky Lynch. In Reign’s time away due to his battle with leukaemia, she stepped up more than anyone else. She has been very popular. In Wrestle Mania 35, she even ended up main eventing against Ronda Rousey. Though she has taken time off post her pregnancy announcement, if she does come back, she has the potential to take on Roman Reign’s spot.

These are our top picks for replacements for Roman Reigns. They have the most potential to take WWE to greater heights.

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