Who is Rahul Rajput? Delhi Student Beaten To Death Allegedly Over Relationship With Girl, But Why?

Who is Rahul Rajput? Delhi Student Beaten To Death Allegedly Over Relationship With Girl, But Why?

On Death of 18 years old student, Manish Sisodia who is the deputy chief minister of Delhi stated the family is worst condition yet, We are financially helping them with 10 lakh amount. A boy was just 18 years old who was being considered to be in a relationship with a girl. Five people have been arrested by the police, three of them are minor. The name of the guy is Rahul who was the resident of west Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar. All the incident has captured in the CCTV footage which is going viral.

Who is Rahul Rajput?

Rahul, 18, was attacked by some people. the CCTV footage captured him with a girl with whom he was in a relationship. According to the reports, The boy was from Jahangirpuri was the friend of a girl. But the girl’s family was apparently against it. Also, it is said by such information that the boy was thrashed badly by the girl’s brother and other family members. Due to getting injured, the guy left his breath and died at the moment.

The boy who was 18 years old dies due to harshly beaten by the family members of the girl. Rahul was a tuition teacher and pursuing a BA second years. Such reports are revealing that the guy was attacked by 8-10 men and badly thrashed by them. Rahul’s father says in a statement, even the people around him was thrashing him despite saving his life.

Delhi Student Beaten To Death Allegedly Over Relationship With Girl

A Footage covers Rahul who was out on a street with that girl. It is believed that he was having some phone call for tuition classes. Then the boy brutally beaten by the men around him and dies due to deep injuries.

People reached him to the hospital at the moment but before the treatment, he is said died. The footage is of 7th of October 2020. The girl’s family was totally against the relationship of the two because they both from the different religions and communities, said by the police. Rahul, due to beaten by the 8-10 men, having internal injuries.

He used to help others and was a very responsible man in the family. Rahul’s family still in the worst condition and in deep condolence over his death. Delhi BJP president who is Adesh Gupta went to the house of Rahul, yesterday, and also he appealed to the Chief Minister of Delhi to give compensation to this family of Rs/- 1 crore. The deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia is ready to help the family with Rs/- 10 Lakh.

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