COVID-19 Cases Live Updates

COVID-19 Cases Live Updates: US Tops The Tally With 7 Million Cases- Last 1 Million Rise in 13 Days

Coronavirus has created it’s havoc all over the world. Since December 2019 the virus started to spread in all over the India whose result has declared as become the 2nd top country than the US. People are dying due to COVID 19, such as many of the celebrities and innocents died. India has crossed 7 million confirmed COVID 19 cases that too on Saturday. Moreover, 6 million cases have recovered on the day. As you know the cases of COVID-19 are emerging day by day but there is not valid cure has been found so far.

As far as you know India has recorded 74,205 active cases and also Saturday spotted eight consecutive days of deaths. This marked India on the second number after the US in COVID-19 cases. The new number of cases revealed on Saturday. If it comes to that the health experts have urged to put on the mask and keep distancing from the society and the group.

COVID-19 Cases Live Updates

The multiple reports are revealing that Beirut Lebanon’s Interior Ministry ordered for lockdown in 169 villages as well as Towns. It has been also said that all the pubs and clubs would be closed in throughout the country during this lethal and hard time of COVID-19. The ministry is also appealing for the lockdown from Monday morning to 19th of October 2020. And also saying for closing all the pubs and clubs until there will not be any notice for the next.

The lockdown will be put in the 111 villages and towns from the next week. Many of the towns will have to follow some other restrictions regarding the prevention of the COVID-19. Even though Lebanon’s Health Ministry, registered 1,388 new cases on Saturday, 52,558 people are infected from the virus, and 455 have died due to coronavirus.

India has 7 million active cases of COVID-19 which has marked it on the 2nd position after the USA. The US is putting lockdown in some villages which consists of high cases numbers. Due to the hard situation, the government of  India is also conversing about restrictions for the public. It has been already declared by the BITS Hyderabad that India may cross 7 million cases. On 12 September 2020, the official data has exposed the 4.66 million infection cases in the country.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is afraid of the people living throughout the world. The cases around the world are increasing day by day and gulping the life of innocent people. Stay tuned with this channel for being updated daily like in the same way.

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