Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: No One Eliminated This Week (Watch Latest Sneak Peaks)

Bigg Boss is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience. In the last episode, we have seen that Nikki Tamboli has become the first member of the house to be confirmed. It is interesting to see who becomes the next person to be confirmed in the next episode. There is also someone who will not get the opportunity to prove themselves. Why? because today Salman will announce the name who has to go out from the house on the second week of the edition. Who will be the one? No one knows except the host of the show Salman himself. On the first Weekend Ka Vaar, the housemates were fortunate as no one was evicted but the happiness is just for a day. Yes, before ending the show Salman said that someone has to go out of the show in the next episode.

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar

If we talk about nominated contestants then amazing thing is that except Nikki everybody is in the list of nominated contestants. The nominated contestants include Pavitra, Rubina, Abhinav, Jaan, Nishant, Eijaz, Sara, Shehzad, Rahul, and Jasmine. Salman Khan has told everybody to pack their bags and get ready to go out of the house.

In last episodes, Salman said that no one will be out of the house but Salman himself disclosed in yesterday’s episode and cleared that someone has to leave the house in today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The one good news is that BB Mall is now open for all the housemates. But now only Nikki is the part of the house.

Let us tell you, in the last episode seniors had to choose one between Pavitra and Nikki. All the seniors found Nikki’s performance was really appreciable. As they believed that she has gained the immunity two time. According to seniors, Nikki’s overall performance was applaudable. They also accepted that she has the potential to make people agree for her unnecessary demands.

Now Nikki will get powers like seniors and she would be the part of their all decisions. In the upcoming promo, Salman says all the 10 contestants to pack bags to get out of the house. He says it a waste of time. Still, the audience is considering the reason for saying this. What was the real meaning of this? Salman will disclose it today. What do you think about the same? must tell us in the comment section.

Please give us your point of view as whom you want to be evited. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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