Money Heist Season 5 Story Twist

Money Heist Season 5 Story Twist: What is Escape Plan of Professor? (Spoilers)

Netflix in July had announced that it’s hit running show Money Heist will meet its end with the fifth Season. It has become one of the most popular shows in the world and was ranked #2 in the UK on April 26, 2020. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is highly unlikely that the fifth season will be released any soon. 

Part 4 of Money Heist was packed with more chaos and bloodshed than the rest of the seasons and part 5 will have more of it. The fans can definitely expect a perfect ending to the crime spree. 

Money Heist Story Spoilers & Theory

Numerous theories about Money Heist: Season 5 have been spreading around in the wake of the announcement.  In the fourth season, viewers saw a continuation of the heist by the team from Bank of Spain with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. The last episode of Season 4 ends with Inspector Alicia (Najwa Nimri Nairobi) exposing the illegal activities of the police to the press which led to her warrant. She tracks down The Professor’s ( Alvaro Morte) hiding place and points her gun at him. 

One of the theories by fans said that Alicia is Tatiana, Berlin’s ( Pedro Alonso ) wife who had come to seek revenge for letting him die in the previous heist. She also sings a version of the Bella Ciao that has appeared throughout the series.  Others have it Alicia is Tatiana’s sister. Fans wonder whether Alicia will join The Professor in the heist or shoot him. 

Fans also saw Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) escape from the police with the Professor’s help. But it is unclear whether she entered the bank to be side by side with the team or operate from the outside along with the Professor. 

Money Heist Season 5 What to Expect?

A very disheartening part of the last episode was Nairobi’s( Alba Flores) death. She was shot in the head and killed by Gandia. She joins in a dreamlike place along with Berlin, Oslo( Roberto Garcia) and Moscow( Paco Tous). In a previous shot, the viewers witness Denver ( Jamie Lorente), Helsinki ( Darko Peric)and Professor also hanging around that place. Speculations about the next deaths have been roaming around since.

In another shot, we see the team playing a soccer match with red and green teams. Nairobi’s team included Bogota( Hovik ), Palermo ( Rodrigo de la Serna) and Marseilles ( Luka Peros). This might also be a hint to who will die next in Season 5. Fans also await the return of Nairobi in the flashbacks. 

The major mystery to be solved in the final season is Tokyo’s conversation which was initiated from the beginning of the show. One theory is that she might be talking to Alicia’s baby or Nairobi’s. Other’s say that she might have got caught and explaining the story to officials. Some fans even suggest that Tokyo is telling the story as the only member who survived the heist. 

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Although there has been no official announcement of the release date, the launch of the fifth part can be expected in mid of 2021. The cast will have new character additions played by Angel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. With so many mysteries to unlock, Money Heist: Season 5 will have some surprising turn of events and will be the perfect ending to the long run crime sequel. 

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