Family Guy Season 19 Episode 2

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 2 Release Date & Spoilers: What to Expect?

American Animated Sitcom Family guy had hit its 350th episode with the premiere of Season 19. Since the launch of the show, Family Guy has attracted several audiences from around the world. The sitcom series has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards, in which they won three each. The series which was launched in 1999 had completed 20 successful years on FOX TV and still continues to run as a hit. 

 Family Guy features the adventures of the Griffin family which consist of Peter Griffin ( the father), Lois ( a stay at home mother, wife of Peter), Meg ( their daughter), Chris (their teenage daughter) and Stewie ( the younger kid). The setting of the show is in a fictional city in Rhode Island that belonged to the ancestors of Griffin. The show is widely popular for its gag jokes and emphasis on modern problems. 

Family Guy Season 19

One of the major milestones by Family Guy this year was its 350th episode with the release of the first episode of Season 19. Also, the long hauled hesitation about the speaking ability of Stewie Griffin was also resolved in the first episode when he spoke his first “words”. This was already understood from the title – “Stewie’s first word”.  Fun fact, the first expression dropped by Stewie was nothing less than the four-letter curse word, that too, in the middle of church! But this did not turn out to be much of a surprise either. For a technologically driven child in this era, even kids are akin to the usage of such cuss words. So when he was denied his favourite Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, the audience couldn’t expect anything less beside the fact that the place just turned out to be a church. 

The audience also sees Lois feeling guilty of the fact that this was Stewie’s first word. She blames herself for the action. Viewers learn that Lois had been binge-watching French Canadian cartoons, which had taught Stewie to swear.   Viewers must put their head into this a little as this turns out to be true in the present world.

After dropping the F-bomb, he then uttered his next words “Mommy!” This instant everyone realizes that Stewie does not hate his mother as much as he did before. 

Family Guy Season 19 Episode 2 Release Date

Family Guy has become one of the most iconic cartoons of all times. The first episode of Season 19 Episode 2 aired on September 27th at 9:30 pm ET on FOX. The succeeding episodes will be released every Sunday on this channel at the same time. The second episode titled “The talented Mr.Stewie”  is set to release on October 4th this week. 

The animated series is also available on many online websites. It will be available during the same time on the official webpage of FOX TV. They also have an application that allows you to watch all the episodes of the so far released Seasons. Subscribers of Amazon Prime can also watch entire Seasons on it.