Big Brother Video Game Releasing on 15th October: What to Expect?

Big Brother Video Game

US Reality shows Big Brother first aired in the Netherlands in 1999 and has successfully completed 20 years on the screen. The show has taken another massive step with the soon to launch gameplay of the same. Developed by 9th impact game studio along with multinational production company Banijay, “Big Brother: The game” will be launched on October 15th of 2020.  Game developer’s 9th Impact said. “ With a life-changing prize fund up for grabs, anyone anywhere can win the world’s first massively multiplayer online reality TV show.


  • The gameplay will be available in Apple App Store, Google Play and in the official website of the game.
  • The players can play as “Spectator” or “Housemate”.
  • The game can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. 

The game will include a video game stimulation similar to the television reality show. They can download it for free from the application stores of their smartphones. The players can choose to play as a “Spectator” or “Housemate”. The former one can be played for free. However, a small fee has to paid to enter the Candidate House to become a “Housemate”.

Big Brother Video Game

Players will have to pay $4.99 dollars to get three in-game currency tokens. In order to get into the house, he or she will have to use one of these tokens. The players are directly advanced to the next tier if won. If eliminated without getting into the next level, the players can choose to play in two other houses. 

With the launch of the game, the player’s can experience the life of a Big Brother contestant. The social and psychological traits of the player will be put into test. They can participate in tests and other activities which will be carefully examined by the virtual “Big Brother”. They will have to make tough decisions and come up with their own game plan to remain in the house and ultimately win it. 

Big Brother Season 22 is on going

Hosted by Julie Chen, Big Brother has expanded to international lands and is currently on its 22nd Season. The show features a group of people with different ideas and beliefs who come together to stay in the house. They are called “Housemates”  and have been isolated from the outside world who are monitored by an unrevealed owner called “Big Brother”. It currently runs on CBS channel. The theme of the show was inspired by George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Since its launch, the show has completed more than 28,000 episodes with over 7000 house inmates from around the world. The show has a particular fan base for its live internet feed in which the viewers can check upon the  “Housemates” any time from the official website. The latest addition to the franchise will hopefully rise to the expectation. 

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