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Meet Aditya Narayan’s Girlfriend Shweta Agarwal: The Couple is About To Get Married?

It’s not the first time when Aditya Narayan’s wedding news roaming around on the internet but before this, has happened. There were speculations doing rounds on the internet that Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan were supposed to tie the knot. It was nothing more than a joke and was the part of the script. Now, Neha and Aditya, both of them have confirmed their relationship. Neha is supposed to tie the knot with Rohanpreet Singh while Aditya is getting hitched to Shweta Agarwal. Neha and Rohanpreet will tie the knot by the end of October this year. However, Aditya and Shweta haven’t declared the wedding date.

Aditya and Shweta have been dating each other for over 10 years. Aditya said before a few years back, there was news of Shweta and he had a big dispute which made the things difficult to tackle. Just because of it, they were not seen publicly. The duo met on the set of Shaapit film in 2010. Aditya played the lead role of Aman Bhargava in the film while Shweta Agarwal played the role of Kaaya Shekhawat, Aman’s love interest.

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Aditya talks about his relationship and revealed, he met to Shweta on the set of Shaapit. He started liking her gradually. He said that in starting they were just planning to be good friends as they both were quite young to be in the relationship. They wanted to focus on their career. In 10 years, they went through with so many ups and downs.

He said now marriage means is just a formality to both of them as they have been quite close for a long. Aditya adds that their marriage may take place by November or December this year. He says that his family also likes Shweta very much and happy to find his soulmate in her.

Aditya is a known personality of Indian television and Bollywood. He started working in films since childhood and also a singer and anchor of popular reality shows. He has a quite successful career. On the other hand, Shweta Agarwala has appeared in various language films such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. She has also worked in Hindi television soaps and tv commercials.

Shweta and Aditya are supposed to tie the knot by the end of this year. Though, Aditya’s rumoured girlfriend Neha is all set to tie the knot by the end of this month. The great fan following of the actors and singers is really happy to know about this amazing news. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from India and around the world.

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