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Bigg Boss 14 First Eviction is Sara Gurpal: Is Sara Gurpal is Nominated? Check Audiences Reaction

Weekend Ka Vaar episodes had to bring a number of twist in the show. Salman Khan slammed the housemates to not being involved in the tasks. He also referred to some housemates as the live audience in the house. In yesterday’s  Weekend, Ka Vaar episode Salman announced that first eviction would take place today on Monday. The confusing thing about the eviction is that Bigg Boss hasn’t started voting lines yet. So how the contestant will be evicted? This responsibility has been given to the seniors. Yes, they have the opportunity to evict the contestant whom they find disappointing.

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Bigg Boss 14 First Eviction is Sara Gurpal

Weekend Ka Vaar episode conducted some games where Salman asks many questions to housemates and seniors. When Salman asks who may evict today? She takes Sara’s name. She also hopes that if she gets a chance, prove herself. When seniors were asked to answer the one who doesn’t have it in her? All three named Sara.

Some of the rumours coming from the house of Bigg Boss as Sara is going to become the first evicted contestant. The fan base of Sara seems upset with this news as they believe that she should be given a chance. The fan following of Sara wants at least one more week to let her prove.

Some of them say that seniors shouldn’t interfere in this. One of the users said if everything the selection and eviction are being done by seniors, then is the audience mad? Some users are targeting Jaan as he deserved to get out of the show, not Sara.

Is Sara Gurpal is Nominated?

Sara’s real name is Rachna Devi. Before this, Sara was also in the controversy for her relationship with singer Tushar. In the starting days of Bigg Boss, Tushar shared a wedding certificate of Sara and his wedding. Tushar disclosed it when people started trolling him on social media. He also said in one of the posts that he hasn’t deceived anybody.

He also said that if he gets the chance to come in the Bigg Boss house as a guest, would love to come. Tushar said that he wants to confront. He also added, however, he doesn’t want to be cheap when Sara is present on the show.

At the entry of Sara in the Bigg Boss house, she was rejected by the seniors. She along with other three contestants Jaan, Nishant, and Rubina were rejected and had to live in the garden area. Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity to enter the house and seniors had to give them a task to enter the house. She was asked to cut her hair short and she got agree in just a few minutes. Seniors were happy with her.

She has played all the tasks but couldn’t succeed in any of them. Let’s see if the rumour comes true. What is your opinion about the eviction of today, let us know in the comment section given below.

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