Chhattisgarh Honor Killing: Cousins Poisoned To Death Over Affair & Bodies Burnt

According to the police investigation, The family members did not like the relation of the 21-years-old man and his cousin sister, hence they killed them in rage. Horror killing is being expected in the entire case, so read this article carefully and explore the truth behind the murder. The incident happened in Durg, Chhatisgarh which is blowing the conscious of the people living nearby the murder spot. The couple eloped from the house and located at Krishna Nagar with each other. After the police investigation, it is said that they were killed by the brother of the woman and uncle.

How the man and the woman who killed, have paid a massive amount of their love. The family were afraid to be defamed by the relationship of their child. Read more given below in this article which reveals the entire incident.

Why The Couple Were Killed?

The two victims named Shrihari, 21 and his cousin Aishwarya, 20 were from Krishna Nagar which is in Durg District. They love each other but their relationship was not loved by their family members. Eventually killed by the woman’s brother and uncle Ramu. Both accused arrested by the police. As per the reports, Shrihari and Aishwarya eloped from their house and located at Krishna Nagar.

Their family have lodged the complaint about missing. Later, the Durg Police traced the location and found the couple. They brought the couple back to their home on 7 October 2020. It is revealed that the duo cousin sister and brother were in a deep relationship but it was against their family due to which they have been killed. Both families do not like their relation at all.

The couple wanted to get married hence they eloped from the house and started living at Krishna Nagar. After complaining about the absence, the police expected that they are in Chennai. Then police get them back with the help of the police team on 7 October 2020. Then police reached them to their house but during that time police did not give them any protection.

When the two accused were asked by the cop, then they exposed the truth that they burnt the body of both Shrihari and Aishwarya at the shore of the Shivnath river which is nearby Jevra Sirsa Village. The further investigation is underway, moreover, the complaint against the two accused have been registered. Through the year 2020, we are listing so many death, murder, and suicide news which are reflecting this year as a black shadow.

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