Kannada Music Composer Rajan Death Reason

Kannada Music Composer Rajan Death Reason: Check His Famous Work in Kannada Film Industry!

The popular music duo Rajan- Nagendra has composed various music in Telugu and Kannada cinema. Rajan became alone after his younger brother Nagendra left him before 20 years. But now Rajan also said bye to the world. The heartbreaking news comes on Sunday night at his residence in Bengaluru. The music composer took the last breath at the age of 85. Rajan’s son, R. Ananth Kumar gave this piece of bad news. He said that he was healthy and taking online music classes. Before two days of his demise, he was facing an indigestion problem, nothing more than that. On Sunday, at 11:00 pm he lost life at their residence.

Kannada Music Composer Rajan Died Today

Rajan was born in 1933, Mysore. Rajan’s brother Nagendra said bye to the world in 2000 at the age of 65 years. The Tollywood and Kollywood industry is paying homage to the legend and consoling to his family on social media. We have really lost a gem but can’t stop reminiscing him. Rajan and Nagendra have scored music for more than 375 films.

They have composed music for various Indian languages such as Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Sinhala, Tulu and Hindi. 1952 to 1999, the pair was quite active in the music industry. Along with this, they hold a record of longest active pair of the industry. And it came to an end after the death of Nagendra in 2000.

It is the biggest loss to the music industry and we might be able to reimbursement. Their successful journey starts in 1952 with Sowbhagya Lakshmi film. At a very young age, the duo became popular in Kollywood cinema.

They have given many unforgettable numbers which the world can never forget. It includes various Kannada songs such as Akashava beelali mele, Aakaasha deepavu neenu, Aakaashadinda dharegilida, Alaya Mrugalaya, E Hrudaya Haadige, Gopilola hey gopala, Jeeva Veene, Kangalu  Vandane helide, Manasu manasu ondadare, Muthina hanigalu, Nanu neenu ondada mele, Prema preethi nannusiru and many others in Kannada.

The amazing brothers were also called as Kalyanji-Anandji of Kannada cinema. After the passing of Nagendra, Rajan got involved with his son R Ananth Kumar. He along with his son has written a book named ‘ Haado suswara sangeetha’. He also established a music school in Bengaluru and named that Sapta Swaranjali. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from around the world.

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