Mumbai Power Outage

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It is shocking to get failed our country’s financial capital in large-scale power. The power (electricity supply) interrupted today since morning. All the residents are getting very much disturbed by the heat since 10:05 am. Mumbai and also its suburban areas are facing the problem of electricity shortage due to TATA’s electricity supply becomes a failure. All the celebrities and residents of Mumbai are sharing their bad and heating experience with the electricity shortage on social media. Celebrities are also with the residents of the suburban area who are facing the problem of power cut out since the morning.

Mumbai Power Outage Memes

The power suppliers said about their critical service and they said to assurer supply soon. Read some more details through this article and stay tuned on this page like in the same flow of reading. It has been ensured by the power ministry of the state, that “the power supply will be continued by after an hour, wait with the patience.”

After the power shortage, people took this problem to the social media and hashtags like #powercut, #Mumbai, #NaviMumbai and #Poweroutage. This message is trending on social media (twitter). Residents of the Mumbai and it’s suburban areas are getting hot due to heating and are in fury for not getting supplies electricity in their areas.

The electricity supply interrupted since the morning at 10:05 AM in Mumbai. When people were complaining about the power shortage, then they receive the message that the power supply will be assured after one hour. This condition of the people become major when they shared their worst condition without electricity power on twitter. Even, some celebrities are also with the residents of the suburban area.


The power supply impeded due to some issues occurring from the powerhouse. It was expected that the power will be supplied after 45 minutes. But Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut said that there would be another hour for supply to be restored. People get in rage and posting their experience without power at home, on their social media handle.

People are poking fun on their twitter handle that too with political memes and commentary.  they are making fun of the power supplier and pointing out the power outage in suburban that how the confined to power supply has completed it’s years. People are making fun of the management of the power supply which hardly is solved. So many areas of the financial capital of the country are in the same condition and facing the problem of a power outage.

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