Love Island Season 2 Winner Justine and Caleb

Love Island Season 2 Winners Justine and Caleb Are Still Together? Check Latest Updates

Love Island USA Season 2 has reached its climax. With Justine and Caleb winning the series, it was quite an exciting season. Johnny and Cely were the runner ups and both these pairs had a huge fan following.  With most shows of this nature, you find that the winning couple are no longer a couple a few weeks after the show’s finale. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Justine and Caleb, the Winners of Love Island USA season 2. 

Are they still together?

Justine and Caleb are a solid couple. They live on opposites coasts and yet, they have kept in touch. Even a week after the show ended, they are still going. They won a cash prize of $100,000 together. A vast majority of viewers were rooting for them. In the last episode of the show, they were competing against Johnny and Cely. Both these couples are still together despite the show ending and they have both been strong contenders for the win throughout the season. 

Love Island USA season 2 was based on the popular show in the United Kingdom that has the same name. This season premiered on CBS on the 24th of August and the season finale premiered on the 30th of September. It was a tough choice between the last two couples. The chemistry each shared was amazing. However, the final few episodes seemingly showed a decline amongst Cely and Johnny leading to Justine and Caleb winning the first spot. It was a great season and definitely did tug at our heartstrings. 

Where to watch

Episodes of the second season of The love Island can be watched online by logging into the CBS website. Alternatively, one can watch it by using the CBS smartphone app. It was a truly touching ending and the fact that they are striving hard to make it world even after the show’s ending says a lot about how strong the bond between the winning couples was. 

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