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La Revolution Release Date Confirmed By Netflix: What to Expect From the Show?

Netflix has again come up with another historical drama series “ La Revolution”, which will be hitting the screens on October 16th. With some extremely good musical scores and a lot of bloodshed scenes, this series will be really intense to watch. 

The 2 minutes 37-second trailer of the series was released by Netflix a few months ago on the famous Bastille Day- national holiday of France commemorating the storming of the Bastille and the unity of the French people. It begins with the following words. “A day will come, when the slaves will break their chains and when the wretched will join forces to raise their cry of rebellion.” 

The trailer also includes some vicious executions of the nobility who are adamant to kill the rise of Brotherhood who are planning to destroy them. There are also scenes when these members discuss Blue Blood. Many among the Brotherhood community are yet to learn about it. The trailer ends with, “Our enemies are very powerful. But if we unite, there are more of us. Everyone will have to fight.” 

So a lot of massacres and butchery can be witnessed in the series. 

La Revolution Plot 

The story is set in 1787 France in the beginning era of French Revolution. It is in fact a reconceived part of the French history. In the 18th Century, Joseph Guillotin discovers that an extremely dangerous virus is spreading among the aristocracy in France. In order to cease it, they began to murder ordinary people. The commoners no longer cannot handle the repression. They initiate rebels to fight for injustice and inequality. 

When will La Revolution release on Netflix? 

Netflix has confirmed that it’s new series will hit the platform on October 16th, 2020. This will also be a global debut of the series. 

The Cast of La Revolution 

The Netflix Original series include some familiar faces from Vikings, Raw, Fast Convoy etc. 

Here is a list of characters and cast in the La Revolution series.

Gaia Weiss as Marianne

Laurent Lucas as Charles de Montargis

Amil El Kacem as Joseph Guillotin

Isabel Aime Gonzalez Sola as Katell

Lionel Ergodan as Albert Guillotin

Marilou Aussilloux as Elise de Montargis

Colin Beal as Ophelie

Dimitri Storoge as Edmond de Perouse

Mamadou Doumbia as Oka

Julien Frison as Donatien de Montargis 

Amelia Lacquemant as Madeleine

The series will hopefully cover some historical moments in the French Revolution itself.  Brace yourself to watch some groundbreaking sword fights and action. 

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