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Is Roblox Shutting Down in 2022?

Once every year, it seems as if Roblox will be shutting down for good. We currently stand in 2021 and Roblox has more players than ever. Roblox is constantly releasing new updates as well as is adding several latest features to the game. So, by keeping all these tine-tiny facts in mind, we can say that no, Roblox is still running wild and is not going out anytime soon.

Roblox’s blog is still busy, with projections and goals going all the way into 2021. This shows where the platform is headed. There have been numerous updates on the platform to prove that Roblox isn’t going anywhere, as stated by the official Roblox Twitter.

Why Are There Rumors Whispering of Roblox’s End?

Internet is full of tons of rumors speculating why Roblox might be going out. Some of the reasons include overpopulation, lack of funds for server upgrades, and the appearance of RIP Roblox comments in internet threads. No matter how many years traverses and how many games are removed, there will always be Roblox.

React 2424, a website that allows users to upload fake stories and hijinks on their friends, was where it all began. Someone posted fake news suggesting that Roblox is coming to an end and users and people took it as fact instead of reading the disclaimer at the bottom, which says “this is an entertainment site and the articles are created by the users. “Please don’t make these jokes or fiction seriously and as a source of news.” 

Why Do We Always Fall For Such Traps?

Considering that the majority of Roblox players are children, it’s easy to see why they might not have read the entire post or why they might have shared information without verifying that it’s accurate. The fear is quickly stoked in younger children when they play on a platform they enjoy. Roblox will not be shutting down at this time.

To date, 2020 has been the platform’s most successful year, with record-breaking amounts of traffic and winnings to content creators alike. Nearly 150 million people used the service each month, and revenue topped a record high of £770 million last year. Such a profitable website, which is constantly growing and receiving more exposure as people discover all of the interesting games there, could never be shut down.

Never believe anything you read online unless it comes from a reputable source such as the Roblox Blog or social media. This will help you distinguish between real and fake news.

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