Harsh Vardhan: India will Have More Than One Covid-19 Vaccine by Early Next Year

COVID-19 has spread its havoc all over the world due to which all countries are trying to explore the reliable vaccine for getting relief from the situation. In the same way, The health minister of India said Today in front of the media, “India will have more than one COVID-19 Vaccine in the next year.” He also said there should more than one vaccine in the country during this hard time of Coronavirus pandemic. Some vaccines are on trials such as 2 Dose and 3 Dose. Read more about the vaccines that are going to be explored by India that too by the next year.

Harsh Vardhan Confirmed India will Have More Than One Covid-19 Vaccine by Early Next Year?

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said about the more vaccines for India after meeting with the group of the minister. After the meeting, the good news is unfolded that there will a reliable vaccine for the country by the next year soon. Harsh Vardhan took his twitter handle and said, We are expecting that we should have more than one vaccine, our expert groups are formulating strategies on this plan. This news made all the residents of the country happy.

All people have to pay attention to the precaution until the valid and secure vaccine are made. As you all have read the active coronavirus cases which are 55,342 in all over India. Out of these active cases, 706 people died in the last 24 hours. According to India’s coronavirus tally, the cases have reached at 71,75,881 today, this data has been revealed by the Union Health Ministry. The active cases include 8,38,729 and 62,27,296 are cured cases who have discharged or migrated cases.

On Sunday, The Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan Stated for the people living in the country that you will have to take all the precaution which is required for preventing the virus to be spread. Moreover, he said further that follow all the guidelines which have been issued by India’s government for all. Some vaccines for COVID-19 rescue are in the trial. Know about the 2 doses and 3 doses which is given below.

Know about the 2 dose and 3 dose vaccines

  • The Vaccines are provided by Serum Institute of India.
  • COVID-19 vaccines recently under the trial in India which are 2 dose and 3 dose vaccines.
  • According to the information, 2 doses are being required by Bharat Biotech
  • 3 doses are being required by Cadila Healthcare vaccine

It is also said that the Pune-based serum institute of India’s candidate is conducting phase 2 and 3 human clinical trials. Pune-based Serum Institute of India has collaborated with AstraZeneca for manufacturing the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine.

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