Bihar Election Opinion Polls Result

Bihar Election Opinion Polls Result: NDA Projects to Win 160 Seats & BJP To Emerge as Single-Largest Party

NDA is expected to get 160 seats, But BJP will be seen massive over Nitish. There is an expectation for becoming Nitish Kumar’s NDA government in Bihar. As per the Survey held for Bihar assembly election, Nitish government will be made once again. A figure came out in the Times Now and C Voter’s opinion poll. According to the reports it is being expected that NDA can win 160 seats out of 243 assembly seats in Bihar. Read more information given below in this article. Even Rashtriya Janta Dal’s led alliance may get 76 seats. And others can get 7 seats out of which LJP can get 5 seats.

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Bihar Election Opinion Polls Result

It is also being said by the reports that BJP may get 85 seats that too in JDU. Moreover, the VIPs can get 5 seats and also RJD can get in Grand Alliance only 56 Seats. all the voters have been asked due to survey of Bihar assembly elections. They asked that” which one is the greatest topic in this election for them? 49 per cent people said, The biggest issue for them is only to get a job, 12.9 per cent people say.

The biggest issue for them is Power outage, Water Shortage, and bumpy roads, 8.7 per cent people say the biggest issue is corruption, 7.1 per cent people raised their issue for woman protection, and 6.7 people say the biggest issue is education. 43.6 per cent people defame the Nitish Kumar’s NDA Government presentation, even they also defamed to their answers which was asked. Even 29 per cent said it good and 27.5 per cent people said it average.

Times Now-Voter Bihar Opinion Poll

  • Total seats – 243
  • NDA won 160 Seats out of 243
  • BJP won 85 Seats out of 243
  • JDU won 70 Seats out of 243
  • VIP won 5 Seats out of 243

NDA leads in ABP and C voter open poll

The survey which was done by ABP news and C Voters, it was expected that NDA will come back to the power again. Meanwhile, the grand alliance which is led by RJD considered behind. In this survey, NDA got 141 to 161 seats if it comes to that the UPA got 64 to 84 seats. And the other is expected to get 13 to 23 seats.

There will be Three Steps For Bihar Election

  • The first phase for the voting will be done on the 28th of October 2020
  • The second phase for the voting on 3rd of November 2020
  • The thirst phase for the voting which will also be the last vote, on 7th of November 2020,
  • The result will be declared on 10th of November 2020

All the precautions will be taken during this coronavirus time. It is essential to take social distancing while voting. The model code of conduct has also come into the force in the Bihar after revealing the date of the votes. Stay Tuned with this Channel for being updated like in the same way!

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