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Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode 13th October Written Updates: Watch Latest Video of Tasks!

Bigg Boss has managed to grab the attention of the audience. However, the last episode made some freshers and viewers disappointed as Sara had to leave the house. Sara became the first person to evict in the first week. We all know that housemates nominated Sara, Jaan, Nishant, Eijaz, Shehzad, Abhinav, Rahul, and Nishant. The final decision left for seniors and they took a unanimous decision and took the name of Sara. Jaan feels sorry as he was the one who nominated Sara.

In today’s episode, you will see that Bigg Boss has planned a fresh task for freshers to be confirmed. The one who wins the task will become the second confirmed contestant after Nikki. All the fresher will be divided into two parts.

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode 13th October Written Updates

The garden area has been transformed into the barren farmland. Both of the team has to cultivate on the farmland also have to make sure that their part is bigger and more beautiful. Abhinav, Rubina, Shehzad, and Jasmin will be on the same team. While Pavitra, Eijaz, Nishant, and Rahul are part of the same team. Sidharth and Gauhar will be the owner of shops that sales mud, foam, grass etc. The freshers have to impress the audience and had to perform the tasks given by show owners.

Both of the teams make strategy and says that they have to focus on spoiling their land more than cultivating their own. Abhinav decides that Jasmin and he will be running while Shehzad and Rubina have to protect the land. Nikki will be leading the task. The freshers try every way possible to impress the seniors and take their material. You will see Abhinav and Eijaz doing belly dance to make Gauhar happy. While she would ask Jasmin for 50 squats.

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode

Overall, today’s task will bring a lot of entertainment, fun, dispute, and disagreement. But we know everything is just to make the audience happy. In the upcoming episode, you will also see Pavitra talking to Rubina about her feelings for Eijaz. We have seen that she has been quite close to him.

The same she says to Rubina that he was the one whom she found connected emotionally with. The race for immunity has started but only one will receive it. It is interesting to see who wins the task and on what basis. The upcoming days are going to be very entertaining. Still, we can’t imagine the BB house without seniors, Are you? Let us know in the comment section given below.

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