Best Hair Dryer in India
Best Hair Dryer in India
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7 Best Hair Dryer in India

7 Best Hair Dryer in India

Best Hair Dryer in India

Factors to consider before choosing the Best Hair Dryer India

With the myriad of types of hair dryers out there, it can be confusing to find exactly what you need. These are some factors that are important to consider before buying a hairdryer:

  1. Weight and Size – A hair dryer is all about convenience. This being said, it is important that your hair dryer should be compact, portable and easy to use. Thus, size and weight are important factors that need to be considered.
  2.  Size of Power Cord – A power cord that is longer will definitely give you better range. If it is too short, you may not be able to use it wherever you would like. Of course this is entirely dependent on your needs, and therefore, choose accordingly.
  3. Wattage of The Appliance – Watt is the unit of power. The higher the watt rating of a dryer is, the higher is its performance. 
  4. Technology Used – There are different types of technology used in different devices. Technology such as ionic technology, nanoe technology and so on.  
  5. Heat Control options – Different kinds of hair respond differently to different levels of heat. Therefore, it is important to get a hair dryer with settings that suit your hair.
  6.  Material Used – There are several materials used in the coil such as nichrome metal, ceramic and so on. This is something that must be checked depending on your hair.

Besides all these factors, there are several more things to consider while buying a hair dryer. Hair dryers are effective for several reasons. There are several reasons a certain blow dryer may be better than the other, but this all depends on you. 

Your preferences may be as varied as the choices that are available. For this reason, we have compiled below a buying guide. So irrespective of if you are looking for the best affordable hair dryer in India, the best ceramic hair dryer in India, the hair dryer in India for daily use, or even the  for men.

This guide will definitely be a great resource for you.

1.Philips HP8100/46 – Hair Dryer in India 

Phillips is a renowned brand. This alone brings a sense of respect to this appliance. This product is definitely worth your money, one of the best hair dryers in India under 1000 rupees. 

It is lightweight and extremely easy to handle. It is a 1000 Watt device, which is more than sufficient for great heating. It has two heat settings that allows you to control the level of heating as per your requirement. 

It is compact and easy to store too. With Thermoprotect features, the optimal drying temperature is easily achieved and also it has the added advantage of additional protection from overheating the hair.

Philips HP8100/46- Best Hair Dryer in India
Philips HP8100/46 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Hair Dryer India (Philips HP8100/46)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer (Philips HP8100/46)

  1. Compact and ergonomic design
  2. Thermo protect temperature setting
  3. Advanced concentrator technology

Cons – Best Hair Dryer India (Philips HP8100/46)

  1. It does not have cool air

  2. It is available in only one color.

Recommended For

This product is ideal for you, if you find yourself to be someone who is on the hunt for affordable products that always get the job done. It is an ionic coil based device and is good for thick and frizzy hair.


2. Philips HP8100/60 – Best Hair Dryer India 

In the list of “7 Best Pedestal Fan in India” iBell Chrome  10 fans is an amazing product to buy if you are on a budget. It comes in a black colour that will easily blend in with the interiors of your home. It helps you deal with  the summer heat by keeping the house well-ventilated and breezy. It comes with an RPM of 1350.

This fan consumes 55 watts and claims to provide high air throw. It has 5 blades that are made of high-quality plastic for powerful air and moderately quiet functioning. It also has a 2 hour timer, tilting knob, adjustable height, and 3-speed settings so that you can adjust the air output to your liking.  It has a Metal grill with power-coating. Moreover, build quality and design seems to be very good. It is one of the best pedestal fans in India.

Philips HP810060/60 - Best Hair Dryer in India
Philips HP8100/60 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Best Hair Dryer  (Philips HP8100/60Philips HP8100/60)

2 Year

Pros –  Hair Dryer in India (Philips HP8100/60)

  1. It is small and convenient to use
  2. Its affordable
  3. It has thermo protector technology

Cons – Best Hair Dryer (Philips HP8100/60)

  1. It can get too hot
  2. It can get noisy

Recommended For

This product is compact and convenient. It is ideal for travelling and if you are an individual who travels a lot, then this is ideal for you. It is an ionic coil based hair dryer and can therefore be wonderful for thick and frizzy hair.


3. Havells HD3151 – Hair Dryer India 

Havells is another brand that is very well known in India. The brand has immense reputation in the segment of household electronic appliances. It is a small and light product that is very easy to use and even store. It brings a perfect balance for drying and styling. It can even make the hair frizz-free. 

They have a longer life than other hair dryers and are far more durable. It is rated at 1200 Watts and provides amazing airflow that makes your hair stand out. It comes with heat balance technology which is meant for even distribution of air to prevent hair damage and results in less exposure of your hair to heat. 

It bears a detachable nozzle that enables you to set the airflow in a specific direction for blowing the hot air. By detaching this nozzle, the device spreads hot air to a much greater distance. Cool air shots get activated on setting the temperature to low mode. This lets you style your hair with a smooth finish for more long-lasting results.

Havells HD3151- Best Hair Dryer in India
Havells HD3151 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Best Hair Dryer in India (Havells HD3151)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer  India (Havells HD3151)

  1. It is small and compact 
  2. Easy foldable handle
  3. Variable temperature settings available.

Cons – Best Hair Dryer India (Havells HD3151)

  1. Noisy
  2. Not of Ionic flow

Recommended For

If you are in need for a lightweight and easy to carry hair dryer, this might be the one for you. It comes with a foldable handle which can make it very suitable for travelling. It has a long enough cord to allow flexibility as well. It is ideal for small, medium or long hair. It can help to fight dandruff and keep your hair gorgeous and healthy.


4. Hana Skin Plus – Hair Dryer

HANA is perhaps not a very popular brand here in India. Their products are very innovative and have been very well received by audiences in other parts of the world. This particular product has a 4 star rating on Amazon. It is a powerful 2000 Watt device that has negative ionic technology as well as tourmaline. It is a very efficient system that will quickly dry your hair. 

The Negative Ionic Technology generates negative ions, which smoothes hair and locks in moisture. This makes the heat much gentler on your  hair during styling and allows for a shinier and less frizzy finish. It also enables your hair to endure much higher levels of heat without damaging it. As it emits massive negative ions, it eliminates frizz, and keeps hair humidity-resistant. 

It also maintains natural health of hair. It provides even heat distribution which will penetrate your hair quickly and evenly from the inside-out. This causes your hair to dry in a fraction of time. It also Boosts the shine, leaving you with silky-smooth results. It is a very handy system and is highly recommended by stylists. It has thicker wires for safety reasons and is overall a pretty good product.

HANA Skin Plus- Best Hair Dryer in India
HANA Skin Plus – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Best Hair Dryer  India (HANA Skin Plus)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer  (HANA Skin Plus)

  1. Adjustable Temperature

  2. Recommended by Stylists

  3. Low noise

Cons – Best Hair Dryer  (HANA Skin Plus)

  1. Not a popular brand in India

Recommended For

 This product is overall very good, but quite inexpensive. It is not as small as some of the others on this list. It uses really good technology. It is very fast and therefore works great if you are the kind of person who needs to dry your hair quickly. It is good for frizzy hair and can lead to silky smooth results.


5. Philips HP8120/00 – Best Hair Dryer

This is another stellar product by Philips. Philips definitely has repute in this segment. Essentially, this is a cute and compact device that delivers quite the punch. This is a  powerful 1200 Watt device that creates an optimum level of airflow and gentle drying power for beautiful results every day, consistently.  It also comes with ThermoProtect features, with which the optimal drying temperature is easily achieved and it also has the added advantage of additional protection from overheating the hair. It has a foldable handle, further increasing how compact it can be made. It is very compact and can definitely be transported and used anywhere with ease. 

It is a very travel friendly device. It has a concentrator that focuses the airflow for a polished, shiny look. It even has a cool air setting, that enables you to dry hair at relatively low temperature to minimize damage caused by heat. This is ideal for especially fine, dry and damaged hair. And it is a perfect setting for the hot summer season. It also comes equipped with a fast air setting that offers higher temperature and much more powerful air flow. Although the device is compact, the 1200W power will definitely allow you to dry your hair in an efficient & gentle way.

The Finesta remote pedestal fan stands up to the brand value with its 400mm sweep and amazing efficiency. It is an energy efficiency device and the motorized oscillation that allows equal distribution of air to every corner of the room. 

The device comes with three different speed settings. It also has a timer that lets you turn it off at a set time. 

The powerful copper winding motor that powers it, ensures smooth and synchronous functioning of the fan. The remote control it comes with gives you a whole lot of convenience. If you are looking for the best pedestal fan in India then you can definitely check out this product.

Philips HP8120/00 - Best Hair Dryer in India
Philips HP8120/00 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Hair Dryer in India (Philips HP8120/00)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer (Philips HP8120/00)

  1. It is very feature rich

  2. It is very compact

  3. It is very efficient

Cons – Best Hair Dryer  (Philips HP8120/00)

  1. Cooldown time is excessive
  2. Temperature control slider is not the best.

Recommended For

If you love to travel, this one’s for you. It is very affordable and very compact. It is ideal for men and women. It is full of advanced features and can be used for different hair types. WIth the hot and even the cool air settings, this can come in handy for a myriad of situations. It can be used by a variety of individuals for a variety of purposes.


6. VEGA Blooming Air 1000 – Hair Dryer in India

Vega is a very popular brand when it comes to salon styling at home and a best blow dryer for hair in india This product definitely lives up to the reputation of the brand. It is an amazing product that is truly wonderful to use. It is a 1000 watt device. It allows you to do all sorts of styling on the go. It has both hot and cool air features. It comes with a concentrator accessory, that allows you to precisely dry and style as you would prefer.  It is lightweight and very efficient to use. It has a foldable handle that adds to convenience. It has a removable end cap for easy cleaning. 

This product is extremely pocket friendly and it is definitely worth the money. The quality assurance by Vega can be seen in the product. It is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a very pretty color combination of white and pink. It has safety features that help ensure that both your hair and your device are out of danger if things start to get heated. Automatic overheat cut off prevents your device from damaging itself due to excessive heat. This is also great news for your hair. It also has a long cord which enables max flexibility. This ensures that you have freedom in where you want to use your device.

Bajaj being a leading one of the leading brands in India, there are no second thoughts about its reliability, durability, and efficiency. This sleek pedestal fan comes equipped with a remote and a control panel on the mount. To improve the air dispersion with little to no noise, the blades are made with acrylic. Bajaj 55-Watts Pedestal Fan with remote price in India ranges around 3k.

The motor bears a 1300 rpm, and it consumes about 55 Watts of electricity. The fan is affordable, low on maintenance and the best pedestal fan in India.

VEGA Blooming Air 1000- Best Hair Dryer in India
.VEGA Blooming Air 1000 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Best Hair Dryer in India (VEGA Blooming Air 1000)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer (VEGA Blooming Air 1000)

  1. Long cable

  2. Cold and hot air feature 

  3. Lightweight and compact

Cons – Best Hair Dryer  (VEGA Blooming Air 1000)

  1. Cooldown time can be hindersome

  2. Plastic nozzle is not ideal

Recommended For

This is ideal for those who are on the go and have busy schedules. This is a convenient appliance that is easy to travel with. This is a useful appliance for styling your hair, irrespective if you’re male or female.


7. SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 – Hair Dryer in India 

Our final entry on this list is this amazing device by Syska. Syska is known for their efficient devices and this one is no different. This product is of 1200 Watts hair dryer conditions your hair for perfectly shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair. To ensure a safe hair drying experience, It comes with overheating protection.  A frizz free hair experience can be yours with the narrow concentrator that gives you effective drying and lets you try new hairstyles.

 It is an affordable device that is very feature rich. Overheat protection exists to ensure that both you and your device are safe. It offers uniform temperature, which can do wonders to your hair. It is designed to be quiet and ensures that a noiseless experience is all yours. It is a sleek and stylish device. It has a heat balance technology that ensures uniform heating throughout. 

It is light and compact, meaning that you take it anywhere you want. It works greatly for men and women. For all your purposes it is an amazing appliance. It’s one of the best hair dryers under 1000 rupees.

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 - Best Hair Dryer in India
SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 – Best Hair Dryer in India

Warranty – Hair Dryer  (SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610)

2 Year

Pros – Best Hair Dryer (SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610)

  1. It is sleek and stylish

  2. It is Lightweight

  3. It is feature rich

Cons – Best Hair Dryer  India (SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610)

  1. In some cases, there may be faults

  2. May not always be available

Recommended For

This is ideal for those who are on the go and have busy schedules. This is a convenient appliance that is easy to travel with. This is a useful appliance for styling your hair, irrespective if you’re male or female.


Buying Guide – Hair Dryer in India

What is Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer or a blow dryer is in essence an electromechanical device that is used to boost the rate at which damp hair is dried. They can be used to set your hair in certain styles by drying certain parts faster or slower as the need may be.

They were pioneered in the late 19th century in France and have only seen an increase in demand since. Though once they were seen as an extravagance, now they are a necessity. 

With the leaps and bounds in technology, they are no longer limited to salons and a lot of people find their usage imperative every morning. 

Be it blow drying your hair after a shower or styling it as need be, hair dryers have become an integral part of our lives.

Types of Hair Dryer:

There are several types of hair dryers. The can be widely classified into the following categories:

  1. Ionic Hair Dryers: In this type of hair dryer, when the air passes through the electric current in the metallic coil,  several negatively charged ions are generated . These negatively charged ions then help  break down water molecules which are positively charged. This dries the hair without removing the moisture and makes the hair smooth and silky.
    1. Pros – Ionic Hair Dryers:
      1. They can have any heating material
      2. They help hair dry quicker
      3. They keep the moisture in your hair
    2. Cons – Ionic Hair Dryers:
      1. They are not suitable for styling
      2. It does not give any volume or bounce
      3.  Not suitable for thin and short hair types
  2.  Ceramic hair dryers: These have coils that are made of ceramic clay or porcelain material. Unlike metallic coils, these ceramic coils ensure even distribution of heat and therefore ensure that there is not as much damage to your hair. These emit infrared heat which locks the moisture in your hair and also negatively charged ions with hot air.
    1. Pros – Ceramic hair dryers:
      1. Heat up very quickly
      2. Heat is evenly distributed
      3. Less damage to hair
    2. Cons:
      1. Relatively Expensive
  3.  Tourmaline and titanium: Tourmaline is a multicolored mineral, which can be considered a gemstone. It is pyroelectric and piezoelectric in nature, which means that electric charge is produced when sufficient force is applied on it.
    Titanium hair dryers  however, use a titanium based coil. They are much quicker than any of the other types of hair dryers.
    1. Pros – Tourmaline and titanium:
      1. Tourmaline hair dryers are very safe for your hair
      2. Tourmaline Hair dryers produce even heating
      3. Titanium Blow dryers are the quickest in heating up
    2. Cons – Tourmaline and titanium:
      1. Tourmaline hair dryers are not suited for thin hair


Ionic Hair Dryer

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Tourmaline/ Titanium Hair dryer

Material of coil


Ceramic core

Tourmaline/ titanium core

Heat Produced

Dry and uneven heat produced

Consistent and even heat produced

Consistent and even heat produced

Hair damage

High damage

Low damage

Least damage

Recommended for

Thick and Frizzy hair

Thin and fine hair

Thick hair


Least costly of the three

Mid range price amongst the three

Highest cost among the three


Slowest to heat up

Mid range speed of heating up

Fastest to heat up

Hair Dryer Accessories

  1. Cold Air Blaster – This feature helps to lock the moisture of hair by  sealing its outer cuticle. This improves softness. It helps reduce the coarseness if the hair is brittle and dirty, then. It also ensures there is no additional damage caused by heat.
  2. Nozzle – This helps focus the hot air into a specific location and can help hair dry faster. It can help avoid frizzy hair.
  3. Diffuser – If you have curly hair and want volume, this one’s for you. It helps smoothen and lock curls during the process of blow drying.
  4. Concentrator – This ensures that the hot air flows in the form of a  concentrated stream. This can be useful in reducing frizz.
  5. Comb Attachment- This is a very handy feature to have. It enables you to style your hair while you comb it. It can help you obtain untangled and shiny hair with the correct usage.
  6. Cord – The length of the cord surely plays a huge role in ease of use. With a longer cord you get a lot more freedom when it comes to drying your hair where you want to.
  7. Low EMF – EMF stands for electromagnetic field emissions. This is a matter of concern to some people. If you regularly use hair dryers, it is advised to check its EMF levels.
  8. Quick Dry – This is ideal if you are an individual who often finds the need to quickly dry your hair. As the name suggests, it is meant for drying your hair faster.
  9. Safety – Safety is always something one must worry about, Hair dryers often come with safety features like auto shut off that make the whole experience a whole lot safer.
  10. Dual Voltage – This is a feature that is especially useful if you travel a lot. With voltage differences in different countries, this can prove to be a very handy feature.

How do hair dryers work?

Hair dryers have been around since the late 19th century. In all its time, it has definitely gone through some major changes. 

It works on the principle that hot air dries moisture faster than cool air. It is a rather simple device that uses the air at room temperature, heats it up and passes it out to the user.

The modern handheld hair dryer or blow dryer is an electro mechanical machine that has several components. Be it the step up transformer for boosting the input current to heat the coils,the fans that direct the air, the supply wire, or the coils that heat the air, each component plays a vital role. 

However, its working is rather simple. It has a coil that can be of various materials, depending on the appliance. This coil is heated due to resistance of the material. This coil is present away from the nozzle end and as the air at room temperature passes by this heated coil, the air gets heated and passes through the fan and out the nozzle.  This ensures that hot air is passed out of the machine.

Benefits of Hair Dryer:

  1. Decreased Drying Time – Time is something that one cannot purchase even with millions of bucks. For that reason alone, one must consider the boon that is hair dryers. With a good hair dryer, a lot of your time can be saved.
  2. Minimum Heat Damage – Heat damage can be really harmful for hair. For this reason, minimizing hair damage is of supreme importance. A good hair dryer allows you to control the temperature of heat against your hair.
  3. Shiny hair and Minimize frizz – Shiny hair is always amazing to look at. With a good hair dryer routine, this is easy to achieve. One can even avoid all the frizz using a hair dryer
  4. Comfort & Durability – Dry hair is always a lot more comfortable. Hair dryers will definitely help boost your comfort. Hair dryers these days are also a lot more comfortable to use and very durable.

Drawbacks of Hair Dryer:

  1. Harmful to hair – Excessive use of a hair dryer can be harmful for your hair.

    Excessive heat to your scalp on a regular basis can lead to hair loss. It may cause problems in the long run.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Dryer in India

Conclusion – Best Hair Dryer in India

Hair dryers are very useful devices. They can save you a lot of time and effort.

There are several types of blow dryers available and there are several things you must consider before buying a hair dryer. Your personal requirement will definitely play a huge role in this decision.
Through this article, we hope to have conveyed all the important information you will need to make this decision. There are a huge variety of options that are available, and picking the right one can be rather tricky.  Our favorites are mentioned in this list,products like SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610,Havells HD3151,Philips HP8120/00 are amazing products, and we would recommend checking them out. We hope this buying guide will help you pick the right hair dryer for you.

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