Battlegrounds Mobile India Brings Payload 2.0 Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is the Indian edition of Pubg has got its newest upgrade that includes the Payload 2.0 feature to the gameplay. This mode, which arrives as a revised copy of the classic Payload 2.0, was introduced as a component of the October upgrade last month.

The Payload 2.0 feature introduces armored vehicles and aircraft, loaded with “Super Weapons” that make Battlegrounds Mobile India’s game more engaging for players.

The latest version also introduces a viral infection scenario where one has to cope with zombies.

Krafton confirmed the debut of Payload 2.0 through an Instagram post.

Check out their Instagram post below:

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Virus Infection Game Modes

This new Mode introduces a unique resurrection mechanism that may be utilized to revive any of the fallen friends.

Users would also obtain heavy weaponry vehicles in Payload 2.0. Krafton, in its article, states that there is indeed a “more intensive and thrilling survival battle experience” in Payload 2.0.

Users can access the new gaming experience on the EvoGround tab.

Besides Payload 2.0, there’s also a new variant that lets people fight it out with zombies.

Here, zombies strike players in the game to poison them, whilst humans have to endure everlasting zombies to finally win the war.

Zombies may also select boosters or infect people to reach stage three and then become ‘Zombie King’ in the gameplay.

Battlegrounds Mobile India just received an October upgrade that adds Metro Royale: Reunion, Vikendi, Runic Power, and Survive Till Dawn to the fans.

The Metro Royale: Reunion mode game option enables players to carry objects obtained throughout the loadout storage as loots, providing the gamers reach the originally obtained in the allowed time.

Battlegrounds Mobile India introduced the Vikendi map that covers 6km within every direction. Gamers get to utilize the Snowmobile vehicle as well as the G36C rifle.

The Runic Power mode gives gamers the opportunity to pick between 3 runes i.e., Arctic, Flame, and Wind in the spawn island. Each rune receives distinct talents classified into offensive and defense. Each talent uses certain rune crystals when utilized.

On Survive until Dawn mode, the gamers need to fight against diseased zombies in the Erangel map, and there are a few incentives if they destroy the zombies as well as their master.

The game also got Diwali in-game activities in order to commemorate the current festive period with Indian mobile players.

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