USA Economy: Why Joe Biden is Better Presidential Candidate than Donald Trump?

Why Joe Biden is Better Presidential Candidate than Donald Trump?

The recent polls have shown the results that the people of the United States of America are supporting Joe Biden as the presidential candidate. The people seem tired with Donald Trump’s recent policies. They might replace his government with this election though that whole thing seems unimaginable for now. Joe Biden who is putting all his force in this election is looking quite remarkable. The best thing about his campaign is that he has promised so many positive things to America people.

Why people are supporting Joe Biden?

Well, the recent polls have shown that the people are interested in Joe Biden rather than Donald Trump. The reason why people are supporting Biden is that Trump might have failed them during the COVID-19 situation. It is easy to guess that Trump has taken some bad decisions during the world’s biggest pandemic and he is the reason why the economy is affected so much. Although, the whole world is affected because of the COVID-19 this whole thing can be dangerous for Donald Trump’s government.

Why Joe Biden is better for USA Economy?

One simple answer is Republicans are better than Democrats when it comes to the economy. Even if you dig a little bit you’ll find that US employment and GDP growth was far better when Obama was in the Presidential chair. Now, a lot of people will say that Trump didn’t fail but Corona happened. Yes! COVID-19 did happen but that doesn’t mean that the Trump isn’t a failure because even before the pandemic or during the pandemic the US government has taken some harsh decision which ends up backfiring.

Now, the whole action is currently going on in the USA. The final result will come out after November. You can seat back relax and think about your vote wisely. We think Trump could make a come back but that will all depend on how the voters are getting the idea of voting.

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