Diamond No Ace Chapter 227

Diamond No Ace Chapter 227 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, News & Time to Watch

Yuji Terajima’s Diamond No Ace sequel Diamond No Ace II is currently on its 227th chapter and things are getting serious. With chapter 227 premiering on the 1st of October, 2020, here’s a quick recap of what happened in the last few chapters.

Recap of Diamond No Ace Chapter 226

As of 225, the Semifinals had begun. WIth Seidou Facing Ichidai San, things were getting heated up. Amahisa Kousei takes the mound in chapter 226. With his impeccable record, there is a lot of tension. Having pitched all 9 innings in the last game and having given up 2 runs he definitely is someone to be wary of. With all this, he stayed on the Dugout after the quarter-finals, preparing himself for this game. His dedication and will burn bright.

Kuromochi steps up to bat and Amahisa is unphased by all of this. Amahisa decides that he is going to show everyone how far he has come and throws a fastball. Kuramochi hits this to the centre field. Connecting with a fastball that was 151 kph was definitely a good start. However, While running, Komianto makes it to the bat box and Kuramochi fails to make it back in time.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 227

With Kuramochi out, Amahisa is happy and satisfied with the result. He prides himself on the results obtained but wants to take Kominto out just as quickly. Kominato declares that he does not want to let Amahisa get into a flow of striking batsmen but Amahisa throws a fastball that becomes a strike. Amahisa is adamant on showing how far he’s come.

What to expect Diamond No Ace Chapter 227

Chapter 226 was exciting, to say the least, and this has definitely gotten fans hyped for chapter 227. A lot is going on with Amahisa’s resolve to show everyone how far he’s come and Kominato’s desperation to save his team. Ther is no soilers as such available so far, but it does look like this chapter will continue with the match. Yuji Terajima is not one to disappoint so be sure that this chapter will be exciting. We believe it will showcase Amahisa and his skills, but let’s see.

The Diamond no Ace series or Ace of Diamond as it is known in English has been very popular and the fan following is huge. Being successful enough to gain an anime adaptation, there is definitely a lot of hype for this anime. A new chapter is released every Thursday, though there are breaks taken now and then for various reasons.

Diamond No Ace Chapter 227 Release Date

Chapter 227 will be released on the 1st of October, 2020. Fans can easily find several websites online where they can read it for free. However, we do recommend buying the actual manga to support the mangaka.

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