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#JusticeForAmanBaisla: Who is Aman Baisla? & Who is Neha Jindal?- What’s The Matter?

A piece of shocking news coming straight from Delhi. A 22-year old businessman Aman Baisla from Delhi, Rohini sec-11 has taken his life in his apartment. His parents found him hanged from the ceiling fan. Doctors declared him died before arrival. This news is doing rounds on social media. Why the boy took this extreme step? Here is everything you should know. The incident took place on 3rd October. Before committing suicide, Aman posted a story on social media. In that video, he has accused his former business partner Neha Jindal and Haryanvi singer Sumit Goswami.

The victim has shared a set of six videos. On Facebook, he shared a video where he accused Feeling fame singer Sumit Goswami. He said that he kept threatening him for money. Aman also took the name of singer’s video co-ordinator, Neha Jindal. He said that Neha was supporting him.

Aman disclosed that Neha was his business partner and they both have professionally worked. The boy disclosed in the video that Neha asked 7-8 lakhs of rupees and a white Hyundai on the pretext of his father’s sickness. Then she went missing for almost one or two weeks.

Aman’s father, Ram Niwas registered a complaint in Shahbad Dairy’s police station. He has taken three names of Suman known as Neha, Vipin Khatri and Sumit Goswami. According to him, these three are responsible for his son’s death. They have provoked him to take this drastic step.

DCP of North Outer released a statement, he stated that Aman and the girl Suman known as Neha were good friends. In 2018, Suman’s father invested 5 lakh rupees in Aman’s business. They both became partners but in 2018, she has taken her name back from the business.

The DCP added further that later Neha involved in work with Sumit. Vipin is the friend of Sumit. Aman was doing business to sell daily-use products in restaurant and hotels. Baisla also said that Sumit has threatened him to kill. According to Aman, October last year, when he and Neha were in the car, she tore her own clothes and asked him to give 10 lakh rupees.

She also said that if he doesn’t give him then she would file a police complaint of rape. Still, the police are investigating the case and haven’t reached on any conclusion. We hope that Aman will be given justice.

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