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“Evil” Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Check Out Kristen’s Fate & What Will Happen Next?

American Supernatural drama television series Evil has been booked for another instalment. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios and King Size Productions. Since its premiere on September 26, 2019, Evil had become one of the most popular horror series worldwide. 

Earlier this week, CBS announced that the first season would be made available on Netflix on October 1st 2020. This is done to further expand the popularity of the show. Since it landed on the popular platform, it had topped the charts and was ranked number 4 on the TV charts on October 6th. It was also titled the “best new series” last week. 

One of the primary reasons for the launching of Evil on Netflix is due to production issues faced by it. Netflix have encountered difficulties in lining up new releases this year. If it wasn’t for this, the binge-watchers would have missed an amazing show. The series will continue to run on CBS Network. 

When will Evil Season 2 arrive?

Covid-19 has caused havoc in every industry, including the film industry. It is not clear whether Evil has received the green light for continuing its production processes. Several articles have pointed out that November 2020 will mark the beginning of shooting next Season, although there has been no confirmation regarding the same. 

NewsflurryMichelle King and Robert King, the show centre around a group of several qualified squads who investigate and focus on paranormal centric activities. They try to learn the science behind such encounters. 

The main characters of the story are Kristen ( Katja Herbers) and David ( Mike Colter) who team up to learn about the strange events. They are accompanied by the tech expert Ben ( Aasif Mandvi). They join to fight Dr. Leland Townsend, a secret expert in the occult who manipulates others to do evil acts. Only after a few episodes. The viewers realise that Leland is just the beginning of a more darker entity. 

Meanwhile, Kristen is encountered by an evil named “George” who appears in her nightmares. 

What will happen in Season 2? 

At the end of Season 1, Kristen comes face to face with Orson LeRoux, a character which has previously appeared in the show. He returns to clear things regarding his newly found Christianity. She pushes him to the brink of an Olive branch. Did he kill him? 

On the other hand, David and Ben realise some truth regarding their long-run mystery. They come to learn about a fertility clinic, RSM Fertility, which is suspected to produce humans with supernatural abilities. The viewers also learn that one of her children was born after she underwent treatment in the same clinic. 

Most enthusiasts have been waiting around for the revelation of one of David’s visions. In that, he saw Kristen walking towards Leland’s horned master. This definitely needs explanation in Season 2.When asked about the same, showrunner Rober King said. 

“I think what we want to do is chew that next year. Is that the Devil? Again, we don’t want to undercut the drama of the moment by saying it’s a metaphor because it’s just not a metaphor. It is real, but how much of it is a demon character influencing everybody’s mind and influencing everybody’s dream life, and how much of it is the real, I guess is what we’re saying.” 

Even though there has not been a clear indication of what Evil Season 2 will have in its shelves, these are some of the things we can expect. If you are in a mood to pass the weekend watching Horror thrillers, then this is the best choice. 

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