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Trump Attends Fundraiser Selling $150K Tickets After Calling Biden ‘Servant to Wealthy Donors’

United State’s President Donald Trump deal with up to $100,000 per person Networth Beach, Fundraiser, California which is hosted by the one and only Tech Entrepreneur Palmer Luckey. When he dealt with this amount just after Joe Biden is called a Servant of Wealthy donor. Moreover, is it ascertained that Trump told rallygoers in Macon, Georgia on Friday that “He may be the world’s greatest fundraiser”? During the time of the election, the tough battle is going on between the two strongest parties called Republican and Democratic. The time to select the presidency of the leaders is around the corner because the key to opening the gate of being president of the nation is in the hand of the Americans.


  • MSNBC reached 1.8 million viewers
  • 720,000 viewers were seen on CNBC
  • Trump attends fundraiser selling $150K Tickets after calling Biden ‘Servant to Wealthy Donors’

Joe Biden on ABC even averaged 14.1 million viewers at the Town Hall Even Thursday night. If it comes to that even more easily, for President Donald Trump’s town hall on NBC, the Nielsen crossed ratings blatantly. This was the only and only result left which no one expected in the TV business. As you all know that A “targeted bill” could be here when after Trump will quickly reverse his position. there should be a Stimulus Package said by Donald Trump.

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During the lethal time cause of COVId-19 pandemic, The reports have also revealed that more than 218,000 Americans Dead due to suffering from the COVID-19. Moreover, Trump attends fundraiser selling $150K Tickets after calling Biden ‘Servant to Wealthy Donors.’ Even Donald Trump Hall was simulcast by NBC’s two cable channels MSNBC and CNBC.

But Biden still continues to prevail on only one network. It has been reported from the news that Trump Town Hall spent an average of around 10.9 million viewers on the NBC broadcast network. MSNBC reached 1.8 million viewers. As you all know, about 720,000 viewers were seen on CNBC.

Trump’s viewership on all three channels totalled 13.5 million. But in the end, it was seen that despite Trump’s audience of the three channels, he was less than Biden’s audience on ABC alone.

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