Top Nursing Schools in New York
Almost all universities have gone online and have the best infrastructure to give proper education. With that, here is a list of some of the top nursing schools in New york.

Top Nursing Schools in New York of 2021

Education is only as good as the quality of it. It is important to know where one has to study along with deciding what one has to study. 

New York has some of the world’s famous medical schools. There are also top nursing schools in New York. 

This period of a global pandemic has taught us about the roles in the healthcare system. 

It has taught us the struggles of the nurses and paramedics who are busier than doctors. Some people might have chosen to pursue nursing as a career. 

They should have knowledge of choosing from the top nursing schools in New York. 

List of Top Nursing Colleges in New York

Almost all universities have gone online and have the best infrastructure to give proper education. With that, here is a list of some of the top nursing schools in New york.

1. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester falls at number 40 in the list of colleges with best professors in America. It is a popular university situated in Rochester, New York. it is a medium-sized university with over 6000 students enrolled to study. The acceptance rate at Rochester is 30% and the selection process is done through competitive examinations. Rochester is known popularly for majors including Nursing, Biology, and Economics. 87% of the students who enrol, graduate from this college. And the alumni have reported a starting salary of $44,800 after passing out.

Tuition Fees : The undergraduate tuition fee is 56,030 USD

Admission Rate : 30%

Address : Rochester, NY, United States

2. Columbia School of Nursing 

Columbia nursing school is among one of the top nursing schools in New York with its best academic strategy for clinicians, researchers and nurse leaders. Columbia has received the most of the National Institutes of Health funding per capita which help in acquiring the best research opportunities. Students also get first-hand experience in clinical practice. The infrastructure has the best ultramodern facilities for a learning experience. It has masters in nurse anaesthesia, doctor of nursing practice, and many more. 

Tuition Fees : For a full-time degree program the fee is $84,700 per year

Admission Rate : 5.4%

Address : 560 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032, United States

3. New York University

New York University’s Nursing School called NYU Rory Meyers is one of the most sought schools for nursing in America. Alumni have reported having received the highest median salary after it comes at number 8 in NIH funding which aids in boosting the research and development sector. The faculty are also high producing researchers. The student body in the university is very diverse and follows the norms of equity. NYU nursing has its impacts starting from local communities to global settings.

Tuition Fees : $42k for one academic year

Admission Rate : 16%

Address : Trenton, United States

4. Thomas Edison University

Thomas Edison University in New York provides a licensed and accredited Nursing degree. It also has an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) program, which is specifically designed for licensed nurses who want to scale their knowledge further to increase their career opportunities. Their “Accelerated BSN” is made for students who have either finished at least 60 college credits in a bachelor’s degree in another field or hold licenses in distinct fields and aspire to become nurses. The course is a 15-month program for graduates for the National Council Licensure Exam for RNs (NCLEX-RN).

Tuition Fees : $40k

Admission Rate : 16%

Address : New York, NY 10003, United States

5. College of Mount Saint Vincent

College of Mount Saint helps students become top-class nurses with enhanced critical thinking. Apart from being an efficient nursing school, it also addresses the health-associated severe issues of a diverse population of all ages. The classes are small with enough timing for extracurriculars. The college’s proximity to all the main places in New York City increases the students’ opportunities in acquiring career options. Students receive personal attention and are also assigned an advisor. 

Tuition Fees : $18k

Admission Rate : 92%

Address : 6301 Riverdale Ave, The Bronx, NY 10471, United States

6. Molloy College

Molloy College is a private college in Long Island. It is a pure blend of passion and a will to help the community. All the courses are aimed for a collective good to society. It is one of the top nursing schools in New York. Graduate nurses can advance their education and acquire expert training to contribute to society more. Molloy’s College’s graduate nursing program is a Masters of Science degree. The specialities of the course are related to contemporary nursing. The course requires a foundation and a degree in a specialization priorly. 

Tuition Fees : $29k

Admission Rate : 78%

Address : 1000 Hempstead Ave, Rockville Centre, NY 11570, United States

7. Wagner College 

The graduate nursing program at Wagner College is designed for nurses who want to advance in their career. They can scale their nursing abilities, become experts in taking up roles in specialised nursing and family practitioner roles. The college offers MS in Nursing, Post-Masters Certificate, Family Nurse Practitioner which can build on an earned master’s degree. It also includes precepted clinical practice. The graduates from Wagner College will be certified by the New York State Education Department. There is also a Doctor of Nursing Practice Certificate (DNP)

Tuition Fees : $29k

Admission Rate : 67%

Address : 1 Campus Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301, United States

8. Pace University 

The education in nursing certificate is offered online. It is a special certificate, which follows the teaching aspect of nursing than just nursing as a career. It certifies nurses to become teachers, lecturers, role models and to take up roles in the field of nursing education. The certificate involves a nine-credit course with specialization. The courses follow with the NLN Core Competencies for Academic Nurse Educators, which provides a foundational education in those nurses who wish to take up faculty roles.

Tuition Fees : $30k

Admission Rate : 79%

Address : One Pace Plaza, New York, NY 10038, United States

9. Lehman College CUNY

Lehman College CUNY is one of the top nursing schools in New York. it has graduates, post-graduate and high advanced courses on nursing. It offers high-class education and prepares nurses for the future, equipped with the necessary skills that are required to treat all kinds of endemic and global diseases. Graduates from Lehman College have landed their career in the best institutions.

Tuition Fees : $2k

Admission Rate : 38%

Address : 250 Bedford Park Blvd W, The Bronx, NY 10468, United States

10. Borough of Manhattan Community College 

The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a public community college in New York comes under the city university system of New York. it was founded in 1963, during which time it originally offered Liberal Arts degrees for the students who wanted to get into the wagon of the business world. It had a four-year college. Its campus is spread all over Manhattan occupying office spaces. It is also a very popular name when it comes to a nursing school. It offers top-notch education with all the state of the art infrastructure for the best future.

Tuition Fees : $6k

Admission Rate : 30%

Address : 199 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007, United States

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Where are Top Nursing Schools in New York Located

New York has an excellent affinity for educational institutions. The scholarly neighbourhood of the state is where most of the action in New York happens, be it in terms of fun or in career opportunities. 

Top nursing schools in New York are located in,

  1. Rochester 
  2. 560 West 168th Street
  3. Trenton
  4. Riverdale Avenue
  5. 1000 Hempstead Avenue
  6. Staten Island
  7. One Place Plaza
  8. Bedford Park
  9. Chambers Street

Conclusion on Top Nursing Schools in New York


New York is as much a city for education as it is for fun. It has some of the best colleges in the world from courses that range from traditional BAs to contemporary additions. New York is one of the most preferred locations by students and professors. It has the best universities and also the accommodations in the cities are student-friendly and all landlords have a special plan for the rental system made especially for the students. All the top nursing schools in New York have a research facility, with the best faculty. Nursing schools are particularly a very important niche inside medicine, especially in this time of a pandemic. It is important to choose from the top nursing schools in New York to not only receive the best education, but also the best college/university life with the infrastructure and access to the great cities of New York.

Above are some of the top nursing schools in New York. Share the article with those who might need it and make sure to comment. To know more check the links or the addresses of the colleges mentioned.